Invisible Things

When you gonna fix invisible tanks? Stop lying about anti-cheat doing it. This is out of hand now.

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I bet I will regret it but … I never saw something like this. Please don’t say that you can’t see invisible tanks …
Even I sometimes drive 2m pass a tank because of my tunnelvision. Even a Tiger II was passing me in one tank length and didn’t see me while I was in a T95.

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Invisible tanks are an actual thing that’s a part of the anti cheat system. It’s frustrating but it happens to everyone.


See my response above, it’s part of the sight mechanic.

Pretty sure it’s a part of the anti cheat system.

So I’m lucky until now? Thx for clearing it up for me.

Nope. Very much part of Keen Vision, and Radio op skill.

No problem. You definitely are lucky and it happens often at higher tiers because that’s where the majority of cheaters are.

Line of sight was what I thought at first as well, but when you get to ranks with thermals and can see everything. You can definitely tell when a tank magically appears or disappears, even while you’re shooting at them.

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Have you checked that it’s not a lag issue? Despite the lag compensation “fix” - pretty sure there are major issues still with how the game nearly randomly decides what to you show you (and who shot first, i.e., “Ghost Shells”).

Ghost shells are different to this.

You are mixing arcade and reaslistic.

And also I am not moving, enemy not moving, when I look at him I can see it, but when I turn my turret 1 degre it is invisible. This is servers\coding issue. Not sight mechanic or anti-cheat.

so gonna say this i was looking at the tank through my sights not even 10 feet away and it disappears it only reappeared after it shot and killed me

It’s happening on a regular basis.
Only 6 matches ago I couldn’t see a tank in the LOS of my thermals ~75m in front on a bridge.

Went visible, as a teammate shot & killed him.

And no, it’s not the “Crew skills” because my M1 KVT is lvl 100 with a gold crew added.

Nope, not at all…

Doesn’t matter if you’re not moving or anything, it’s all about the crew skills, and the sighting mechanic, and the fact that the entire game is based on server sided mechanics.

When you look at the visibility stat on vehicles, that is also heightened when they shoot.

And this is just part of the formula… It’s not ‘everything’.

And that can relate to radio skill on both your and the teammates part.

You can be at max crew, and it still doesn’t forgo the effects of the crew skill…

Just because it’s ‘aced’ doesn’t mean it doesn’t factor in… Like, honestly, some of the people here who have such issues, especially when someone even merely mentions it, and we’ve STILL got peopel who can’t understand it enough that they want the crew skills removed.

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That makes no sense and yes it is servers\coding issue. Gaijin keep ignoing because they cant fix it.

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Just because you can’t understand it, doesn’t make it a problem…

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If the enemy tank is clearly in my LOS, on the same hight, less than 75meters away…
Additionally the enemy tanks height is clearly above the bridges boundarys it’s more of a general rendering or netcode issue, than a crew skill issue.

Additionally I could hear the enemy tank, but he just wasn’t visually rendered in.

There’s this thing on every tanks statcard… Visibility…

Just because it’s in your LoS, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to remain visible.

It’s nothing to do with ‘netcode’ it’s to do with the server sided mechanics of the game…