Invisible missiles need to be removed, made visible

Like i said you’re free to have your personal beliefs about what gaijin will fix and what they won’t. I won’t take part in the discussion of theory / beliefs.

video of AIM-9X testing no smoke
the 9X uses the same motor as the 9M

and another one

Because in those atmospheric conditions the missile was smokeless. I just provided you a video where the atmospheric conditions permitted large amounts of smoke. You asked for evidence, i gave it to you. The video you sent does not disprove anything.


Apparently this is F-22 firing Aim-9M

But what exactly are those conditions?

At what alt? At what temp?

Yeah what conditions cause it to smoke and how would that be modelled in war thunder

Already covered that, thats a myth, just like its a myth for the AIM-54. A really annoying, really prevalent myth

proof just asking i thought they were for bombers

Heres an actual diagram regarding temepratures and types of contrail/smoke formation:


why does it have to be in fahrenheit
oh well very nice

We can’t perfectly know what altitude or temperature there was at the time of firing. What we do know is that the missile can indeed produce smoke and it should be like that ingame too.
One likely possibility is that the test firing was at north sea because it was the danish firing the missile.

High humidity = Possibly more smoke
Colder air = possibly more smoke
Higher air pressure might lower the amount of smoke

Something easier to figure could be the F-22 shooting down the spy balloon. Engagement altitude was between 58k to 65k feet. Looking at weather data of myrtle beach of that day we can see that:
(post in progress, submitted a request to NOAA for the climate data of that day)

MythicPi’s documentation is useful and gives a good simplistic view on the missile smoke

Interesting, we’ve now seen an F22 shoot a completely smokeless missile at pretty high altitudes, and what looks like a lower altitude shot with TONS of smoke from your video…

This is just speculation of course, but because the F16 in your video shot at a “flare” as target practice, with several camera angles capturing it, maybe for training purposes they put some smoke in there so it could actually be seen from those camera angles, again for training purposes?

So, at high alt contrails like planes do?

Not gunna change anything on most maps at low alt.

I was thinking that as well. I wouldnt be surprised if during training/live fire exercises they used a different motor

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u just showed how ridiculous complicated it would be to implement for every map depending on weather conditions

Its not tho, they already have an actual atmosphere in-game, its literally just making an “if” statement to switch between types of contrail formation dependent on air the missile is going through.

Kinda like, oh idk, jet engines that ALREADY do that in-game?

It doesnt have to be a 100% dynamic simulation, just switching between 2 levels onlf contrail formation based on motor type would be good enough

Upper trail is missile trail

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Non sense. What is ridiculously hard is figuring real life weather data of the exact launch conditions because we can’t know where exactly the plane is from the danish video. I never said its ridiculously hard to code simple atmospheric conditions into war thunder.

They could honestly just copy paste the same condensation from jets but into the 9M (but way smaller), around 5-6km altitude it shows up and on maps like winter Stalingrad it would show up at far lower altitudes around 1km. (Probably not correct, but it’s a start)

@simbadumba this video, HUGE altitude and temperatures at those altitudes are in the double digit negatives no question about it

I don’t understand what is your point. What are you trying to say?