Invisible missiles need to be removed, made visible

The motor is described as smokeless because it is smokeless in some atmospheric conditions. In reality it is not fully smokeless in all conditions, yet war thunder has it fully smokeless in all conditions which is unrealistic.

It is not impossible to code missile smoke amount per simple atmospheric conditions, in game everything is simplified. Simple math.

If you don’t like the topic you don’t need to participate in it.

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Look at how they have implemented Contrails. Do you really think they are going to handle slightly smokey missiles in certain conditions on certain maps?

Besides. OP just wants them to be always smokey, in an identical fashion to Aim-9Ls because he only plays the soviets and they dont have smokeless motor. If they were smokeless R-73s hed be against this thread


it is, because each map has different atmospheric conditions and different heights + the weather situations of the map change the atmospheric conditions as well. All this would need gajin to reasearch the specific situations of the map and their conditions, which requires a lot of resources. Just putting the same conditions for each map would be simply wrong as well, to the demerit of the missle

They’re probably going to fix the missile smoke and contrails at the same time. They have priorities, some things are going to get fixed before others.
Does it matter what they are working on now? It is just theory wether they are going to fix something or not. Don’t discourage people from participating in a topic just because you feel like gaijin might not fix something. Just don’t participate in it by yourself.

Relative to the complexity of this game, this is nothing. Really. They only need a few variables to make a good enough missile smoke simulation.

seems like u arent aware of war thunders spaghetti code, believe me it is complicated

Yeah, they still havent even C&P the Mig-23 Slat code over the Tornados yet.

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Or working AHEAD is a good example as well

Or gajin needing 9 months to fix gepard proxy stinger bug

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the worst offender, the spaghetti codes whose name is Starstreak

Yep, though some good reports recently, might have been partially shadow fixed.

Spaghetti code issues on systems like the starstreak missile are hugely more complex than something like this. Missile smoke simulation has not been too relevant until very recently as soon a large amount of top tier missiles is going to include a low smoke motor. Missile smoke is going to be very relevant which gives them a large reason to work on this particular thing. With only couple missiles now being low smoke they can prioritize other things over it.

If you nerf the 9m then the r-27er’s need to be nerfed as well since those are all but guaranteed kills when fired

To me, at the moment, it looks like one setting on or off. For them to code it for sometimes being on and sometimes being off is near impossible. besides. the amount it would be on based upon “realisitc” expectation would barely be visible anyway.

seems to phase a bit less

Their not mate

If you genuinely believe that gaijin is not going to fix the missile smoke then you’re free to keep that belief and i wont argue you on it.

Its not even been properly established that it is wrong to begin with. Unless you can show footage of an Aim-9M being fired with a large smoke-trail coming out of the back of it. Is tehre anything to actually be fixed?

OP created this post wanting them to be given smoke regardless of realism.

their is way worse offenders, might fix it in 3 years or 5, but if they do it now, its honestly a a waste of resources


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They don’t even model early radar missiles seeker correctly why would they do smoke