Invisible missiles need to be removed, made visible

9M should not be invisible/ smokeless. It serves no purpose in AIR RB, and in GRB and SIM it makes it completely unstoppable. You cant even fight the F-16 that is doing CAS cuz guess what, invisible missile. And not many planes have infinite flares like gripen.

Play ground RB, gripen/F-16 in atmosphere bombing everyone, spawn in fighter to kill it, get invisible missiled wiht 0 warning, eyes are not worth shit anymore. Literally handholding of the highest order.


It should be smokeless/invisible… As long as it’s at a proper BR for it.

As the game advances we will continue to receive even more advanced weaponry as time goes on. If you don’t like it then you are always welcome to continue playing at the lower BR’s.

Top tier will evolve, if we keep asking for the new stuff to be nerfed down to the current meta then there won’t be any point in asking for more modern jets / weaponry.


It is literally broken fighting vs jets with 60-90 flares. And IRL it is half visible, not totally invisible like in game. Magic 2 / R-73 IRCCM is nowhere as good as 9M as well.


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If you’re aware of the enemy it’s not as big of an issue as you claim, a bit of pre-flaring will do (no, you don’t need that much flares)
And if you’re not aware of the enemy then 90% of the cases you’re gonna get nailed by a 9L just as well.


Good luck pre flaring, all he has to do is wait 20 sec till you run out of flares.

You talk like planes carry 1 9M, lol.

You can preflare and this is more of a problem of 16x16 than anything.

In GRB it was always hard to see missiles anyway, 9M’s didn’t change how engagements go.


I fly against 9M all the time in sim, I know what I’m talking about.

Or, just maybe… you do something about your situation so that you’re not at the enemies missile launch window anymore. Also I pop a flare around every 1-2 seconds (depending on how close) when I’m at danger of 9M and it’s enough for me, you can definitely make the flares last longer than 20 seconds. After 5-10 seconds of spotting the enemy I’ve usually turned out of his launch window or merged at that point. You also gotta make sure you turn/change direction when flaring to defeat the IRCCM properly

9M is currently the best missile in sim for sure and it’s in most cases sitting at an appropriate BR for it, most of the 9M slingers have moved up to 12.3-12.7 with a few exceptions.


If you had read my post, you would know im talking GRB and SIMULATOR…
Really dont care if it stays smokeless in ARB

If you think it’s “bad” now, wait till modern Fox 3s are introduced (like probably in a month). Modern weapons have arrived and are here to stay.

İf you have eyes and radar (which assuming you have in order to play any kind of mode) then you can spot the enemy with your radar and calculate how close or far from launching Aim-9M to you.

İf you cant do this even Aim-9P will be a deadly missile against you.


It isnt hard to see missiles, only 9M

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BS reasoning, come at me with any plane 1v1, ill play my gripen with 9M, in ground RB custom battle without missile marker. lets see if you can “calculate”, no matter the result ill share the clip here :)

Sure let me bring my Gripen as well but i bet you will still die 9/10 times and will complain in the end.


Nice garbage strawman arguement btw

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Exactly, 9M’s don’t lock far in front aspect, when you’re going into a merge there’s like a 5 second window from when they start to get tone to when you merge, just pre-flare around those 5 seconds and turn a bit and you should be fine. After merge you just have to turn and the 9M won’t be able to pull into you, exception if you’ve massively overshot and get huge separation, in which case it’s your fault lol


Says the guy who complains about every Nato vehicle/armament 24/7.


In GRB nothing really changes.

You can ignore all I say about SIM because i’m bad at it.
I’m not the brightest SIM player but 9M’s being smokeless would only affect frontal engagements on which you would need to preflare anyway (maybe more because of R73’s but whatever).

Just don’t get into a position where the missile can slam you, atleast it doesn’t have an insane range like the R27ET’s.

The effects could be better but for all intent and purpuses it wouldn’t be that much more visible.
(DVIDS - Video - F-22 Aim-9m Wsep Missile Shoot)

Exactly, every time i use my F-16 or Gripen against each other i always check my environment, use my radar+tws combo and always pre flare when im about to merge with someone, as long as i stay diciplined 9/10 times i will be able to dodge those sidewinders.

Without dicipline even Aim-9P will be deadly against any kind of plane as i Said before.

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