Introduce fully mixed battles to help with balance

Hi ,

Im currently playing sweden 11.7 , and despite the fact I think the tanks are good , Im extremely frustrated by the game.

Russians are so overpopulated that every match is only vs Russia , like 90% of them .

Due to the fact of T80BVM being king on ground , Ka-50 and SU-25 in the sky its quite obvious why its so overplayed.

Since this nation is so popular players have full lineup of MBTs , SPAAs and CAS . Even if I manage to win on ground there is literally nothing to stop SU and KA spam , which slowly burn us down.

Why not make game more interesting and allow full mix of every nation like it is in Arcade battles ?

That would help with that my T80BVM has 67% win ratio while other nations barely scratch 50% .

We all know Gaijin wont nerf Russians , no spalling , KA50 being tank in air etc.

Maybe then at least we can get some balance thanks to mix of all nations on both sides.

Not to mention its really boring to shoot t80`s for whole day.

It is also infuriating when you win ground battle but you can`t counter enemy CAS spam , as your team simply dont have SPAAs because they are still grinding it . Its very commong when Sweden is teamed up with Japan and UK . There simply not enough SPAA to hand even 3-4 SU-25 which are free fragging whole game. Not to mantion KA50 with 10km range …


No USSR win rate near 80% if they fight each other this will change that so your proposal is illegal


From the beginning of GFRB, Russian tanks have been designed based on poetic license and Soviet propaganda. I recall driving a T-34 from my spawn to the other spawn, killing tanks and going back and forth doing this. 8 out of 10 times never getting destroyed. Using shear attrition these tanks would over whelm opposing forces in real life. If you look at world conflicts involving Russian tanks (example Valley of Tears) being operated by trained tankers they haven’t seemed to set a very high standard bar of effective tanking. Yet, in WT, being operated by civilians, untrained in tank warfare, driving around using mouse controls with point and click cannons, they do very well. Better then other nations. You have asked for the “WHY” and that answer is not all that complex and pretty obvious to most. If you want a high win rate, use the Russian Nation line ups. Pretty soon they will only have themselves to fight against


its been a well known fact that the russian dmg models are very sus atm and been very beefy for a while now, low spalling after pen, oil tanks/tracks eating rounds, Ammo not exploding after being hit, Ka-50/52 and Su-25’s being able to eat Stingers, Rolands and 9M311’s with little damage. And no one likes to lose so they flock to the OP nation. But i remember when you use to be able to look at the T-64-T90 series tank and they would die.


I would love to see a ka or su survive a direct hit by a Roland.


Play as german or french top teir AA, you will face russia a lot and have ample chances with the CAS spam to witness it first hand.

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No need. I can play America and see you are wrong.

I have toptier ground in America, USSR, German, Sweden and i am telling you for a fact ive seen and have been in a Ka50 that has survived many hit from AA xD

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You have not taken a Roland and survived.

No you are right i have “been destroyed” but still able to fly perfectly fine and gotten multiple kills before being kicked out of it.

Welcome to air vehicles and gaijins insistence that airplanes AND helicopters can still operate weapons after death outside of pilot snipes. Happens to literally everything that flies. But you would know that since you play multiple nations.

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yes and since i have 16000 more battle i can tell you from experience that the USSR tree right now as it is, is more fun to play because of how much more survivable the stuff is compared to any other tree.

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Nice anecdote, I remember absolutely refusing to play Russia myself in the beginning, because they were so OP. After a while I gave in to my squadmates who said it wasn’t that bad.

I researched my first T-34 and in the first match with that (it was on Mozdok) I just drove straight into the enemy team and got 8 kills without any upgrades, without using any cover and without using any tactical approach whatsoever. It was great fun ^^

Edit: on the topic though: although this would help balance, I don’t like the idea of “civil war” matchups.

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In my humble opinion the primary driving factor as to why top tier as a whole can feel frustrating is player retention for teams. Minor nations do struggle in some areas treewise with the biggest problem being anti-aircraft vehicles, but overall if you look at both air and ground options you can generally make do for the most part and it’s also why you play as a team (since if Japan and Italy lack good top tier AA if they get paired with any of the ones that do they can be mitigated for the most part.

Russia has good vehicles, no doubt, and their helicopters and tanks as well as CAS options are excellent which is what makes people choose the tree for top tier over others. However, it’s also not true that other nations can’t do just as well all around - seeing as the PLSS is most often considered the best tank for top tier and the Type 10s also being fairly respectable with the 4 second reload. No, the main problem is just people leaving after one or two deaths and causing the teams to fold as a whole. If people spawned in more and in anti aircraft or supporting vehicles instead of leaving due to ‘bad teams’ or only using squadron/premium vehicles, we’d have a much more engaging set of games I wager. However, people just throw the game often if they get outsniped by someone or because they only brought one or two vehicles, and without people spawning AA that one Ka-50 or MiG-27K just annihilates your team unlike at lower BRs where their counterparts that bracket can be mostly suppressed. I believe that no, ‘Russia being meta for ground’ won’t really be solved by fully mixed battles but rather be solved when the community playing top tier actually decides to see games through however pissed they are at the guy that crossmapped them from a fairly predictable sightline. More player retention means less steamrolling of the front line, no total collapse of the team because of one or two players in a CAS aircraft/Ka-52 and therefore no domino effect that ensues with the enemy team just rushing your spawn. Unless people actually change that mindset I don’t think this would ever be resolved with Gaijin-side fixes.

Its not community issue , its Gaijin giving ZSSR BEST premium plane and chopper . Also making T80BVM 50% immune to side shots and making Pantsir best SPAA in game.

Every other game developer would simply nerf the overplayed equipment so with time it would equalise . Gaijin refuses to do so .

This game is 200% BIASED towards soviet mentality russians who still believe that Russia is military powerhouse but in reality … well we all see what it is .

Thats the real problem why people play russians mostly because everyone likes to win !

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Just had a match where we completely dominated ground , but then 4 KA50 spawned and kill all ground only 2 people had SPAA but it was a toast the moment it spawned.

This is the reason why people do 1DL , KA50 + SU25 SPAM

This is REAL russian biad , not that t34 dings more than it should .

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I totally agree. I really don’t understand the need for nation based games in RGB, it’s not like vehicle identification is a thing. Frankly mixing teams would go a long way to helping fix AA gaps for certain nations, and make queues far faster too. We all know how much Gaijin love faster queues.

I would more than happily have mixed battles and a 0.7 BR window instead of nation battles and a 1.0BR window.

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I don’t like this idea of mixed battle (and I hate it) not because i’m playing Russia or anything
(stop playing Russia long ago feel bad and disgusting because of bias)
but i don’t like mixed battle because in gonna make the game feel like WoT with no HP bar and one hit kill
and how do we fix Russia dominate it easy make other nation have counter and pretty much it also the map of high tier should be long range map not small cluster F map that advantage Russia and throw map like that to AB (kinda surprise when in the big map Russia tent to lose to western team more because of how they play)

I would fix SPAA`s make the rewards doubled for shooting down air , and also buff them . Current SPAAS are pure joke , all you need to do is fly low and you are safe.


you know Russia have Pantsir right? doing that is you give them more advantage