Insane package loss

Hey folks,

started to actively play about 2 months ago. Went on vacation last week, come back and siddenly have package loss up to 50% which makes it unplayable.

Two weeks ago everything was perfectly fine and my internet works perfectly well on everything else.

I’ve been dealing with it for over 2 months and literally nothing changed. I contacted my ISP which said that everything is fine. Gaijin support told me to contact my ISP so I’ve been going in circles with no fix in sight.


i call bs, you cant tell me that one game only has this problem and its on me, even when it worked before the patch with no issue, thats hillarious xD

Same problem here…

That’s what I told them. It’s a little too big of a coincidence that a lot of people have it around 50%.

Just finished few battles. No issues.
Please submit more details:
what game mode, which server, what time you play (GMT). Best - please leave .clog file.

Hey Stona. This has started approx. 2 weeks ago for me.

  • So far on all game modes tested.

  • This happens on all servers, playing mainly on EU. Switching to another server had no effect.

  • Playing in the evening, seems to be mostly an issue between 19:00 and 23:00 CET. Today it is particularly bad and so far 8/10 games had high packet loss.

  • Packet loss is inconsistent. Some matches it sits between 20-50%, the next match its at 0.

Attached is a .clog file from one high PL match.
2024_02_01_19_55_58__13400.clog (1.5 MB)

Usually in the evening, Eu server, Ground realistic battle, started 1-2 weeks ago. I dont even know what a clog file is.

Where can this information be found when you’re in a match?

Usually I have problem with Ground RB and Naval RB on EU server (Air is ok). Below is my testing I did month ago when raising support ticket. I used to have stable 60ms, 0% PL for last 5 years. I have not made any changes to my devices.

EU server: 60ms ping, 30-50% PL
CIS server: 70ms ping, 0% PL
NA server: 140ms ping, 0-1% PL

Tested it now and it was other way around. (Its midnight here, nobody is connected to my wifi)

Ground RB on EU server - 75ms, 0% PL (higher than usual but very playable)
Air RB on EU Server - 60ms, 40-50% PL

Here are my CLOG files (zipped one as it was bigger than 4MB) (3.4 MB)
2024_02_04_23_19_17__1760.clog (1.5 MB)
2024_02_04_23_22_39__14064.clog (1.5 MB)

I cant test this on hotspot.
I will not contact my ISP.
This is not my side (there is about 7 threads open since December about this exact issue)

I think these guys with server list are onto something

Welcome to the club… Same PL problem here i do NOT using wifi, but gigabit cable (cat 6 !) and never had PL issues before. RU and NA server are fine and PL free.

Plus one on relatively recent high packet loss issues. I feel it’s been more than 2 weeks though. NA servers. I see 1-3% PL almost ever game and it’s just enough to make my aim lag about 50% of the time - I have to adjust constantly. About 1-3 times a day I’ll see periods of 25% more more PL.


December 2023

Your point is unclear. Some say 2 weeks some say December. Uh, yup. Ok!

Well Im experiencing this since December.

Obviously when I played three games of each mode and each server yesterday so I can send CLOG files to support my connection was perfect…

I‘ve made a list of the games where I had pl problem.
8 matches with pl between 10 and 40% and 27 matches with 0 to 3% pl.

Just had it happen for the first time in forever, was dogfighting in my A10 in ground battles took out a BO-105 and had a dance with an Su-25 landed two strafes and just as I lined up the kill shot my plane inverted and spazzed into the ground

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I’ve had this problem in two games today as well. Huge packet loss, kicked from game and no option to rejoin. ISP says everything is fine and not experiencing packet loss to any other game.

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Someone’s briefing the servers