Frequent large package loss on EU servers

Since the mid summer around one of the major updates i’ve been having large PL issues playing on EU servers only, going from 20-50% mostly and occasionally higher. it varies from match to match, sometimes it runs perfectly with low ping no PL and others its borderline unplayable.
Mind you i am in the EU and recently even upgraded to fiber optic and yet this persists. I don’t see any issues on my end like firewalls or apps causing it.

Playing on US i get 120 ping but never any package loss issues.


I’m glad issue is not on my end
I have the same issue

On EU servers, the PL occasionally spikes to 20% and from there just keeps getting worse, as you say even up to 50%

But on US server, it’s relatively stable even if it’s slightly higher ping


Same issue here. I just came to open a new thread about it but I found yours. It happens only on EU servers as you told guys. PL is between 20-50% making game almost unplayable.

I’m connected via Ethernet cable, my connection is perfect and I have no issues in other MMO games. Why is this happening?

EDIT: I made tracert twice:




i have the same problem for maybe past week or two

its random, sometimes i have huge packet loss at the start of the battle and then it settle down to 0% in a few seconds, or i have 0% the whole battle, or i have 0% at the start of the battle and in the middle of the battle i get PL spikes to 20-50%

ping was fine until today, in one battle everything was fine, then i got huge packet loss spike to around 50% and then ping jumped to 180ms or even more
before that, max ping i had at worst case was maybe 70-80ms, but most of the time it is around 30-50ms

i also started to have a problem with FPS drops and i see that im not alone when looking on this forum, so i dont know what they are doing at gaijin but EU servers are burning, the game it self is starting to burn, i dont know…

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I have same problem with packet lost. Only on EU servers I have packet lost about 20-50% (but not every EU server). On US server I have 0 packet lost. I am from Central Europe with 1 gbit/s optic internet.

Exactly the same problem here. Even your description fits. I just started playing on CIS as I don’t have any packet losss there only higher ping.

I was in touch with Gaijin support but it seems like there is no solution for our problem:


Basically I cannot play on my regional server :)

And in usual Gaijin fashion it’s our problem and not theirs shitty servers. Last game it was fluctuating
like crazy between 0-54%.

Guys, I solved the problem on my own. It turned out to be… an Ethernet cable. Yes, I know, weird. When playing on Wi-Fi, the problem no longer occurs. Perhaps setting a permanent IP address for my computer (router settings) and redirecting the ports on which WT works (also on the router side) helped additionally. However, these additional steps when connecting with an Ethernet cable did not help. Only disconnecting it from the computer and using Wi-Fi resulted in no problems with PL.

It could be a problem with some drivers for ethernet. Normally performance is much better with ethernet rather than wifi. But if it works use it

I’ve been having the same issue for months now, replaced my ethernet cable, and 2 routers from my ISP. Was in contact with Gaijin Support and the only way to play it right now is on CIS servers, EU servers are completely unplayable for me.

I tried it today and it’s still the same for me. It doesn’t matter if I’m on cable or wifi. But yesterday it was pretty good when autoselect decided that I should play on EU and for like an hour it was fine. Today I’m back to 20-55% pl on EU.

Same here, getting up to 30% at some times.

some battles, i have 0% packet loss and then in another battle i have from 20-50% PL, so as said before, one EU server has a problem or gaijins ISP

have been playing on Russian server and everything is ok, 0% PL and even ping is fine for me, 60-80ms

Well, back again with the problem. I changed NOTHING and problem is back. Seems like I just had 1 day without issue. Like you.

Got the same problem. I tried to give me a static Ip, dosnot work, open all ports for War Thunder ( Router and PC ) dont helps. Clean install from Win11 and Gaame - problem still there.

Whats the fact, its a game problem, but devs dosnot care…

Our fiber optic cable got torn during the christmas so I have a new one and Im back with packet loss again. During the day it was fine with 0% PL and now its again fluctuating between 20-50%.

Same here. Started with one of the last updates.

EU: ~60ms, 30-50% PL
NA: ~140ms, 0-4% PL

I had same issue like year or two ago. It got fixed without me changing anything on my side.

It was happening for months earlier this year. Over the summer I had no problems and assumed that they had found the fault and fixed their servers or network issue.

But no, the last 4-6 weeks the high packet loss with the WT EU servers is back. I usually have at least one issue lasting about 10-15 seconds each game, though often a couple of severe lagging issues. Usually, this means I lose a vehicle.

It’s getting to the point where I’m about to abandon the game as this doesn’t happen with any other online game and is clearly a problem at their end.

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I would like to ask all of you to start a thread on the Gaijin support website -

Let’s bombard them with Packet Loss reports on EU servers. Let’s show how many of us there are, no one comes here. You won’t find any help on the forum, we will only complain together and watch as many of us struggle with the same problem.

A report from one or two people in support won’t help, but if we all do it, maybe we can do something. Please, let’s take such a small initiative on our part, let’s not sit idly by.