EU 50% Packet Loss

Cannot play EU servers… Constantly getting 50% packet loss, every single match.
Any other servers work just fine. I have optical 500/100 connection, PC connected with cable. No other game is having such issues… Its been like that for few months. Any ideas? Its frustrating i cannot play EU servers as EU citizen


Same here, different scenario each day.

Yesterday i could play on US, while EU/CIS had severe PL (30-70%)

Today i could only play on CIS, while US/EU had severe PL (30-50%)

→ before the issue started i could play on all 3 servers with 0% PL (it isnt only me, a many of my squadron do have the same problem with different servers, we are located in central EU)

→ no problems with any other online games (issue started around ~25th January 2024)

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same issue here, problems started also last week

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Check routing - Sometimes your ISP is really bad at managing traffic. Also, if you use a VPN then remove it and check again.

Restart router - That little power button often does magic

Clear Netcfg - basically, almost like turning it off and on again but just for your PC net config. No idea of this is possible on a console.

Also, line speed does not determine connection stability, though line type and connection protocol does. You mentioned that you are on a fibre line (good) and can then assume that you are on a DHCP Auth on a UDP connection - DHCP over UDP is not bad and basically world standard, though that said if there is a bad server somewhere (not necessarily Gaijin, cause then ALL players would complain), faulty hardware or a line-break you will be scuffed.

Now, before someone fights me on the VPN statement, see my expert MS paint graph on how network traffic is handled and where the VPN fits into place.

Personally - I connect from South Africa to EU (140ms average) & NA (220ms average), no packet loss. That said - I did research my ISP and their network routing.

Same, with ping randomly going from 50 to 100-200.

Today i could only play on CIS, while US/EU had severe PL. CIS had some rare PL from 1-3 (ping 80-130).

Does anybody have a serverlist of WT to be able to trace?

Unfortunately the entry in the old forum isnt up2date:

Same here. Got an excellent Internet-connection since years and never had problems. Now 50% change of PL of up to 50%. On EU-servers, mostly tanks.

I also constantly get 30% pl on EU servers, 9 out of 10 matches both tanks and planes. This is happening last 2 weeks or so and never had this problem before.

now also planes. On GUS server its ok = [EU] = [EU] = [SA] = [SA] = [EU] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [NA] = [EU] = [EU] = [NA] = [NA] = [EU] = [CIS] = [EU] = [NA] = [EU] = [NA] = [EU] = [EU] = [NA] = [EU] = [NA] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [EU] = [CIS] = [NA] = [NA] = [EU] = [EU] = [EU] = [EU] = [NA] = [NA] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [EU] = [SA] = [EU] = [NA] = [EU] = [EU] = [EU] = [SA] = [SA] = [CIS] = [NA] = [NA] = [CIS] = [NA] = [NA] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [EU] = [NA] = [SA] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [EU] = [EU] = [NA] = [EU] = [EU] = [NA] = [NA] = [NA] = [EU] = [EU] = [NA] = [EU] = [CIS] = [CIS] = [EU] = [NA] = [SA] = [SA]

unsorted list as of february the 1st 01:50am (UTC) - may change at any time


How accurate are the locations? Either way, thank you for the information. Good effort.

Thats incredible - thank you o7

I’ve been getting similar issues with connectivity. Either PL or crazy fluctuations in ping. This probably started for me a week or so ago

So did you guys try to ping these servers already? Last night was horrible with PL again…

I cannot reach any of those unfortunately - maybe they reject the ping?

So I checked 6 now, but all are not responsing…

I checked >15 not responding - maybe the servers in general deny the ping?

Today on EU i had 30 ping 1-3 PL - but some nasty spikes to ~50.

CIS was okish with 60-90ping 2-4PL - but no spikes.

Same issue for me.

EU Server, Glass Fibre, Just started a few Weeks ago. No configuration change, has been fine for 9 Years.

Almost looks like a Gaijin bottleneck to me

Yeah, same for me - no PL issues in 10 years.

Today EU is a bit better, but still has PL spikes — now i am playing on CIS without PL and 60 ping.

Same issue here. EU server are almost unplayable. The trubleshooting guide is not up2date as the links in that are not working at all. Honestly i really doubt its an issue on ISP side as there are many complains about this high PL issue and we all do not have the same ISP for sure. Since last update the high PL is getting even worse. Before i never had any issuse with PL so im pretty sure the issue is somewhere on the server side.

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