Information about unobtainable/removed decals?

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about certain unobtainable decals. I’m especially interested in the “758” tank number decal for US ground forces (see picture below). From what I have found, it was introduced alongside a large bunch of other decals in 2015. No information anywhere about how to obtain it. I was thinking it might have been some kind of pack/bundle exclusive decal but can’t be certain as no information is to be found anywhere. There are other number-decals that can’t be found in the game anymore, like the highly similar “711”-number decal for the US (navy?). Those who somehow got the decals before they were removed still have them, but they don’t show up today anywhere in the game.

Hope someone is willing to shed some light on this. Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

758 I have it and I think if you buy an A2D-1 you get it, but I’m not sure

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The PL 1st sqn (The Scorpion) comes with the British premium Sherman Firefly “Trzyniec”. Or, I should rather say used to come, together with the inscription “Trzyniec” decal. Unfortunately Gaijin decided to make them permanent parts of the vehicle’s camo and those decals have not been available ever since. However, players who bought the vehicle before the change could keep them as normal decals for using on other vehicles…
In case you’re wondering why have you never seen them on those premium Fireflies, well, the decals are covered by tank tracks (add-on armour) and rolled-up camo net (or whatever it is on the left side of the turret)…
Edit: The decal on the back of the turret is not part of the vehicles camo, that’s my own creation… :)

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I just got it by playing I think .