Bring back the premium faction decals (e.g. DAK Decal)

A few years ago, if you bought the premium starter vehicles (e.g. 1st Arm. Div. M2A4 for the US, DAK Pz. II for Germany or the 3rd R.T.R. A13 for the UK) you would get the corresponding unit decal as a placeable, universal decal. For example having the DAK Pz. II would unlock the DAK decal seen in the screenshot below for placement in any vehicle.

A couple of years ago, access to this decals was removed and unlocking said vehicles would only include the icon as part of the skin and not as a decal. (But players that owned the vehicles before, kept the decals as seen in the screenshot, as I took that screenshot just now).

I don’t remember if a reason was given for this change but I assume they removed them so people wouldn’t apply them onto vehicles from different factions. But now there’s a feature that limits players from doing this so I don’t understand why these decals aren’t available anymore, especially since some users still have access to them.

I suggest these unit icons be brought back as placeable decals, included with their respective vehicles, as was the case before.

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+1 I have the Soviet Panzer 3, i would love to actually have the hammer and sickle on it

Honestly would make a huge difference to nations like Britain, who don’t have many markings or insignia to put on their tanks


And bring back the authentic decals event, Gaijin…