Inertial guidance of Hellfires is non existent

After exhausting their propellant Hellfires are not carried by their momentum.

Brother what is this post even about.
Sure the topic title is… alright, yeah the Hellfires are a bit lacking in their IOG.

But what the hell does this even mean.


Inertial ordinance guidance

Tracking to last known position using momentum gained while in flight

Ingame this does not happen

Hellfires burn their propellant to loft then come down, it allows gliding for easy adjustments and for better use of IOG since the angle is more slanted.

The negatives of this are reduced speed / longer flight time (although this is also a benefit in some cases). There are modes for straight flight but this is not found ingame.

The benefits of Hellfire’s missile guidance is not found ingame.

I mean, yeah, thats how hellfires work, blame US engineers, not the snail.

Thats also true, the different loft modes would be nice to have , however i doubt they would make much of a difference.

Right now they dont track the last known position, instead they fly using their last input, they wont self-destruct ,but they wont fall down exactly on the last known laser position either.

iog is used for when the missile loses track, in the case of hellfires, when the laser stops lasing

iog has nothing to do with momentum, except the part where it goes to the last target position

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I don’t blame US engineers for developing an ATGM that can loft to its target using inertial guidance. I blame Gaijin for not modeling its ability to do so.

What do you think guides the IOG

Which leaves Hellfires practically useless for high tier where enemy SPAA can intercept them generally before the Hellfire lands. At least if IOG was modeled properly a stationary target could be punished.

Hellfire helicopters at top tier are quite difficult to use if there is any competent SPAA on the enemy team, but it isn’t impossible to defeat them.

Find the SPAA and then periodically fire your hellfires towards the SPAA, could be a pantsir etc… At least one will hit as long as you keep a lock onto them before getting behind cover moments before the first couple start impacting (the ground or the SPAA).

This is quite inefficient, but at least the SPAA destroyed, and you can simply rearm.

Ive fired hundreds of hellfires, not once was one intercepted



this was intentional XD

Did the change for missile interception not affect regular ATGMs? Only Spikes / guided missiles from planes?

Remember that most hellfire helicopters can carry 16 of them.

Not saying it is impossible to intercept the hellfire, im just saying its very hard, and as such i havent ever had one of mine shot down

Very inefficient.

16 hellfires is more than enough to get a few tank kills

Interception isn’t the primary SPAA defense yet but it seems Gaijin is going that way. I don’t mind as point defense gameplay with proper rewards could be interesting.

That being said the Hellfire remains outdated despite being one of the most effective helicopter based ATGMs in the world.

We can’t have the L because it would be "overpowered’, so could we at least have the IOG properly modeled?


Time to target.