Indonesian Sub-tree: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!

That is actually quite interesting and I didn’t know about that.

It is too difficult to say if a “combi-sub-tree” or two sub-trees at different dates for Japan would happen though and it is especially the question of what the future of South Korea will be in the game, as neither the option of sub- nor independent tree are unlikely.

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I agree. When I made this, many of the vehicles line up to fit in a Turkish Tree and would compliment each other (not to mention, some have been built in collaboration with one another). Not all of these have to be added, but it was to show that Indonesia does have unique developments that would have a home in the game, likely supporting a main tech tree.


How about a dedicated long range AA vehicles for top tier rather than a SHORAD on a car-based platform? Is there one like the FlaRakRad or the Pantsir?

These are all short range systems

Indonesia doesn’t really use long range AA, at least land based ones which makes a lot of sense since Indonesia is a Island/Archipelago nation. It makes more sense to put most of it on their ships than on ground vehicles


my mistake, i meant longer range*

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ahh i see, well i guess those are the options

+1 Add as Japanese subtree

I think there are many people who think that it is enough because it can be added to Japan with the Thailand subtree. However, in the future, many 4.5th generation or later fighters and 3.5th or later generation tanks will be added, but Thailand lacks the power to fill the gap, and the Indonesia tree that has them is necessary for the Japan tree.


thoughts on the KNIL ( The Royal Netherlands East Indies Army ) to be combined with Indonesia to bolster the lower tier vehicles? I might be wrong but I believe they are not the same as the Royal Netherlands Army

might as well make it a dutch subtree))

well I’m just throwing ideas out there, and to be fair some of their vehicles was operated by Indonesians as they ended up being captured by the Japanese which helped oversee the independence movement


Captured vehicles and tank used by the Japanese in patrolling the city of during the early stages of the declaration of an Indonesian Republic under the Soekarno (Sukarno) Government. From left to right are a Vickers Light Tank MK VI B (previously of B Squadron of the 3rd King’s Own Hussars and left in Tandjong Priok 20.02.42), 2 x Marmon Herrington MK III armoured cars, ex-KNIL White M3A1 Scout car and a Japanese Type 97 Te-ke Tankette.


maybe the Marmon Herrington MK III ? but it would perform really bad, like worse than the Csaba.


Captured Japanese Mk. III (formerly operated by the KNIL, 1st Independent recon squadron) manned by Indonesian nationalist POWs in 1942.

Dimensions (L-W-H) = 5.18 x 2 x 2.67 m (17 x 6.56 x 8.76 ft)
Weight empty/loaded = 5.3/5.6 tons (11,760/12,500 lbs)
Armament = 1 x .55 cal (14 mm) Boys AT rifle, 1 x.303 Vickers/Bren
Armor = Sides 0.24 in, front 0.47 in (6/12 mm)
Crew = 3 (driver, gunner, radio/gunner)
Propulsion = Ford V8 liquid-cooled gasoline 95 bhp
Transmission = Manual 4/1 w/2 spd-tmsf
Suspension = 4x4 independent leaf springs, Ft axle steering
Max speed = 88.5 km/h (55 mph)
Range = 322 km (200 mi)

source: Marmon-Herrington Mk. III (1941)

Dont know whether they are captured, but these Chevy trucks mounted with water-cooled 50cals could be a tier 1 SPAA too


Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (Royal Netherlands East Indies Army) #KNIL mobile AA gun units in Java Island, 1940s

source: Dutch Institute for Military History (NIMH)

oh but i meant indonesia as a dutch subtree lmao, who doesn’t love some drama

that would be funny but I dont think Netherlands’ vehicles suffice for a full nation unfortunately

With the Thailand sub-tree being passed to the devs I dont think Indonesia will become a sub-tree for Japan, unless they decided to make it a combination of two nations like @Mahiwew said here

But i can see it working by implementing only some, not all of Indonesian vehicles are implemented, as i mentioned before

no but a benelux tree (belgium + netherlands) does

well, add that to the list of nations that can possibly get the sub-tree, albeit quite a controversial one

that’s the fun part

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@Yontzee are you also planning on suggesting the air vehicles in the forum as well?

I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m not the best at air assets but if anyone else wants it by all means.

+1 in an ASEAN tree