Indirect Fire mode for vehicles which have Indirect Fire capability

I feel like big guns vehicles (2S3M, AuF1, G6, 15cm SlG 33, etc) aren’t complete without a method to fire indirectly. A simple addition to the game to allow these vehicles to fire indirectly (up rather than straight) would make them much more enjoyable.

I imagine it like this, you press a key to go from direct to indirect mode, then you use the sight range keys to change the distance you fire at. And maybe the ability to follow your round to see where it lands. That’s it, no special sky view or unrealistic mechanics.

The player will still have to determine range, set his sight distance and fire.

What do you think?


I thing to that idea too but …

The problem of an indirect firing mode for artilleries are theses vehicles can’t do that on the same field of the rest of team (due of trajectory of shells).

For introduce that firing mode, that must be created a far away specific position (4km minimum, 7km maximum without modifing sights of artillery vehicles) and add to other players a command for call human artillery support shoot who indicate at the shooter the azimut and distance of the call.

This also means creating strong AA defences on these positions to protect the artillery from aircraft that are not careful enough in their attacks. Or allowing the spawn of flak on these positions in addition to artillery.

[ . . . ] thanks for laughing me x)

Maybe an invulnerable drone or light plane (according to the BR) who can be used by the player for see his impacts a bit like the observer transmitting the results by radio. But firing can ONLY do from the vehicle.

I do think these vehicles need something, a G6 at 7.0 for god knows what reason only has downsides and no upsides and an entirely unrealistic scenario with an artillery piece being implemented as a tank but gets no features or utility with it.

I think too. But that will be hard to present that to GJ and have a balanced mode for SPGs.

Yes, I’ve been asking for this for a very long time
All they have to do is clean an area near the heliports or aifields for arty vehicles to spawn, and you will have a duel of artillery from both teams
It would really fun and it would open the door to many vehicles like m110


Here’s what I have in mind of of Indirect Fire.

Please note that these are for vehicle types that has high elevation angles of the gun on the turret. Not all vehicles are capable of fire missions. Note also that an observer can make these calls.


I think this can be solved by adding mortar vehicles.

There are some examples like the AMOS and NEMO systems.

Indirect fire vehicles could get drones to see where the shells land since its realistic and you can already kinda do it.