M109 Paladin with BR 8.0

The early version of the M109 at BR 6.0 is very much welcome for the German Armoured Tech tree (In as much as the BR 6.3 of the US Armoured Tech tree.

Will there be a BR 8.0 version to match up with the Swedish K9 VIDAR?

Please don’t disappoint. It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the M109 at 6.0. I’m just an artillery main expecting a bit more balance with/for the K9 VIDAR.

EDIT : BR Corrections on appropriate tech trees

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As far as I know there is no version of the m109 that would have thermals and a laser to match up with vidar. A7 would have a 55 caliber gun offering similar muzzle velocity but would only be 7.3 ish. Maybe the xm2001 crusader or xm 1203 nlos-c had those but I doubt it

Well, to justify BR 8.0, the following additions could be added

  • Range Finder
  • M982 Excalibur

Potentially. I as hoping they’d add excalibur to the American m109 from this update and make it work like the rocket assisted HE from the ACRA

Shouldn’t the M982 Excalibur be available for all M109 variants? Isn’t also an M777 Towed Howitzer munition?

Either the M1299 or M109A7

M982 would be an effective downgrade over the rounds we currently have. It’s only capable of guidance over very long ranges, the fins would have basically no effect over the short distances of direct fire. So you’re just left with a (presumably) faster round with less explosive mass than standard M107.

I can’t find any reports of it being used in a direct fire capability, presumably because no-one was mad enough to take a very expensive artillery piece with extremely expensive ammuntion and use it in the most inoptimal way possible.

Hopefully they will add German artillery instead of for some reason adding american howitzers to German tree.

Yes please, there is a very great amount to choose from. I myself suggested many in the 10,5 cm category as well as 15 cm guns.

That’s why I explained this in the other thread. I could add more details but I’m waiting on Forum Moderators for clearance.

Things have to go bad for artillery to end up needing to fire anything in direct fire mode.


very deep armour penetration?

Apparently american paladin crews train for direct fire missions. I dont know if its actually meant for self defense or just a way of better familiarizing themselves with the ballistics of the guns but they do it