Incredible peak human genetics playing at optimal capacity

Can someone tell me what DPI settings you need to be able to play like this?
We should all aspire to be as godly as this alpha gamer.
Awe inspiring.


Wait you don’t play it like this?
Skill Issue.


I tried to add this apex of humanity as a friend to ask what their secrets are to being so incredibly good at the game but for some strange reason they have blocked the ability for people to add them to their friend list.
So weird right?


It comes down to knowing the maps and how much penetration and bullet drop your tank has. Also knowing the weak spots of the enemy vehicle

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Ahh, yes, the “weakest china main”

Jokes aside, gaijin kinda needs to check up on cheaters, despite the “Banhammer 40K” it feels more common than before, or gaijin is just doing gaijin things again, front penned in a Strv 103 by a WZ305 or whatever that thing is a day ago, makes my brain rot.

I see.
This level 67 has obviously prestiged 10,000 times.

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Incredible skill. As expected from a fellow Chinese.


theres no prestige in war thunder, you only get to level 100 and get 1 mill in silver lions.

You can clearly tell that he’s playing at a level of 267, not 67. He has obviously prestiged twice.


That’s simply the effects of 5000 years of good chi cultivation combined with a home built for min maxxing optimal feng shui, what you’re seeing is simply the result of all those millennia of work.


That only applies for normal gamers, this godlike being has transcended the level 100 cap, prestiged 10,000 times and is now showing as level 67 again on his way to his 10,001th prestige.


a heavenly mandate carry’s his shells


Ok Sweatie, I don’t know what type of Anti-Sino racist “joke” you were trying to make and then calling the man a cheater. It’s called knowledge of the map and game. Get good at the video game before making hackusations <3.

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  1. That’s not how you spell “Sweetie”

  2. Most of the Hackers from the Banhammer 40k were either Chinese or just people who bought their product.


  1. Is this supposed to be sarcasm?
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So 1.2 billion people out of 7.8 billion is only 18%?
(It’s less than that)

Not only that, go ahead and call names, I never said anything about any ethnic groups. Are you just confused, don’t know what to say, or realized your wrong?

The individual comes from a Japanese squadron. Asian characters does not always means Chinese. But, aside from that, if you see an issue during a match, please report it in the replay section rather than discussing it in the forum.

That list is not available as far as I am aware of.

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Thank you for putting this racist bigot in his place instantly blaming the chinese and making fun of me for my math which is also racist (the NIH said so).

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The chinese century is within reach of these patriotic GODS


As from what I’ve heard, the original creators of the program were Chinese, and the people who helped crack their system were as well.

Having X-ray vision that lets you see thru trees, buildings, and the ground is also helpful.