Incredible peak human genetics playing at optimal capacity

Clearly just an Xbox player using console supremacy

That does not translates that “the majority of the hackers from the Banhammer 40k were either Chinese or simply people who purchased their product”, as you have claimed. Nonetheless, the forum is not a place to discuss the players who cheat (the replay report option is for that) or which countries cheat the most. It is not difficult to check the player name (which technically should not be on the forum) and discover it has nothing to do with Chinese players. Thus, this discussion should stop.


It was never 40k…they banned like 7-8k max. 40k accounts were reported/exposed as having the “you know what”

Well at least our buddy will be able to continue pulling incredible high skill gameplay for the next 3 months to a year before they may possibly get banned.

Also he’s now enabled name privacy for in-game, guy really does wants to avoid being identified and tracked for fairly obvious reasons. And if he does change his in-game name it will work.

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Gaijin doesnt actually look for cheaters at all unless they are reported by someone. EAC is just there for show.
They would be alot happier if players didnt report or talk about cheaters and botters at all and just accepted the fact that they are there.

Yeah everyone knows easy anti-cheat is named so because of how easy it is to bypass. Every game I’ve played that uses it has had plenty of cheaters.

I’ve reported about 10 of this guys replays considering how unsubtle about it the dreg is but those reports are probably getting filed into the shredder as per the norm. I’d probably have more luck sending this guys incredible gameplay to thundershow.

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obviously he got his gaming chair, mouse & keyboard off of and has a 1,000,000,000,000+ social credit score all at the same time while sharpening his samurai sword.

Guess it wasn’t just a really good headset.


A happy ending.


Outrageous! I can’t believe chinaphobia got this poor man banned.

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