Increasing Zoom FOV when breaking sound barrier- cloud

It kind blocks the whole view especially when you are shooting someone in air RB. I wonder if there’s any possible way to adjust that by maybe increasing the Zoom FOV?

Would love to talk to the person who designed it, but I assume they don’t actually play the game.

The sonic effect is great and realistic, The point is we need a way to look through it while zooming.

i find the vapor cloud or whatever it is called when enter mach 1 blocks the majority of screen or at least the sections i need when im in combat or closing into combat. I end up having to either airbrake or use free view or go first person when in RB to be able to see what im doing. It does look excellent though i have to say.

My current solution and its not really to big a deal is i airbrake to below mach 1 for combat which it makes it easier to maneuver any way