Increase SL rewards for nations that are not main 3

I propose an idea to incresse SL rewards for none main 3 nations. To encourage there use. They dont need research point improvement as they have less tanks to research but the top 3 are in far greater numbers. You only have to look at the players waiting to battle to see


China is already the best nation in the game and the only one worth playing.
Anyone who’s not playing China is already at a loss.


Or anything made in China 😆

Laughing in Swedish with 3 tanks with spall liner


let me introduce to you italy

the only nation where suffering is fun
you get killed oh well go kill him with a gocart

top tier wheeled vehicles that USSR mains want for some reason

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Laughs in future Italy with Italian Leopard 2A7/8 and Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU both with full coverage spall liners and gen 3 thermals too

and KF51 for Hungaria

If they add 2A7HU with a premium Ariete variant next major, I will forgive them for not introducing Brazilian AMX in the previous update.

Gaijin don’t even model 2A7V correctly lol (that supposed to stronger than 122)

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Doesn’t make the 2A7V a worse tank than Strv 122 still

Maybe rooted in the fact that gaijin has a Chinese investor since a few years.

Don’t get me wrong, but PRC stuff is either updated RU stuff or based on stolen intellectual properties of actually advanced weapon systems of Western countries. Without the Western technology represented by the ROC equipment, the PRC hardware is useless - success in certain BRs of domestic PRC hardware is solely based on BR setting to counter the inferiority of those weapon systems.

Full stop.


Rewards isn’t what minor nations need.

They need Gaijin to develop their trees using their numerous unique vehicles.

I’m at BR 8.7 in ground rb, and I am already getting my ass kicked by Japan and China quite often.

VBC (PT2) for the win. Not top tier but damn that thing is hilarious.

Don’t forget about the M18 hellcat of top tier. That’s right, the authentic gameplay of popular M18 at top tier by simply jumping into one of our renowned Ariete series today. I mean why you need a Leo2A7 if you can fire DM53 from a paper tank?

* Additional armor and extra MGs sold separately and depend on availability. T&C applied.

I love the m18 hellcat. It’s like the perfect balance between a meta vehicle and a skilled players only vehicle that anyone can pick up but you need to learn a bit to really do well. Ig that’s about every vehicle but I feel like the m18 really exemplifies this. Also why is there m18 outside of American tt that is lower br (I think) and a bit higher top speed.

if you bought a Apple made tank belike🤣

That is…a terrible idea, honestly.

People should be put at SL earnings disadvantage just because they are not playing minor nations?

Can’t forget the eventual Strv 123 upgrade, which is currently un-finalized, with some details un-released. Still, something I agree with, making the SL grind easier would be awesome. I like using Italy with the Pz. IV G and the Breda 90/53, good grinding vehicles.

Yeah, I guess, but it’s only the tech tree’s with a full 5-6 line tree that would be complaining about it. Being put at a “technical” disadvantage should definitely have some adversely positive effects.