Increase in price for new premium equipment

A new premium aircraft of the 8th rank “F-20” has just been announced, and I would like to comment on its new cost of $74.99 for the US region, or 4875 rubles for the CIS countries.

I think the price of premium tier 7 vehicles was already quite high, consistent in value with decent gaming, but now this price tag even increases the cost of a number of “AAA” games.

Following this logic, we can easily reach and pay up to 90-100 dollars per piece of equipment, when entering a theoretical 9-10 rank. I would like to point out that this is just an element of the game, not a full-fledged game, and the cost of performance of the premium package has been increased, while for a comfortable game you need to buy a premium account and premium equipment from other nations. Following the logical progression of the gaming experience.

The purpose of this post is to first of all draw attention to this problem! And setting some logical price ceiling!

I would like to know your point of view, do you think the pricing is adequate?


These prices are ridiculous. But the way it is in the gaming industry these days, they’re not expecting your average customer to buy anything. It’s all meant for the whales, the people who can’t control their FOMO induced impulse buying.

$75? That should come with a lifetime premium upgrade.


Are people buying vehicles for full price when there are sales every couple of months?


You get:
$7.50 of premium account.
$16.50 of GE.
Which leaves $51 for the jet itself.
So you’re paying $51 for an F-20.

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You bet. lack of self control being the biggest issue.

Earliest sale for this jet will be December

It’s 5 dollars more than rank VII. Besides more than likely AAA will eventually cost $80 or more in future.

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No, they expect to people to buy micro transactions and DLC. Which the average customer does on a regular basis.

If it were possible to regulate the filling of the bag, I would not have any questions. but I have a premium account for half a year and I don’t need golden eagles. therefore, for me as a consumer, this is simply forced to overpay

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Then wait until it goes on sale. Furthermore there nothing stating you need to buy it.

I agree, but here we are not buying a full game, but only an element of it. and we have many nations for which we will also buy equipment, since it is not realistic to upgrade them without it. Don’t you think that potential expenses are already too high?

Decal, title…

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i wont ever pay more than like 20 bucks for a vehicle (and even that is way too expensive, gaijin is showing their greed and incompetence with these prices. if they had them for cheaper, they would make a LOT more sales)


Not really, the majority of people who buy top tier prems buy them regardless of the price. Like uh, inelastic demand from your economics class, if you want that vehicle, you’re going to buy it regardless.

If a prem were 1/3 of the price, I don’t think 3 times as many people would actually buy it, cause people aren’t just going to buy a prem they’re not interested in.

Sure most people here speak out against the very high prices, but we’re only a small minority of players.

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i disagree, if prices were 20 bucks and lower for all vehicles. they would have Massively increased sales.


Only really pick up things to test them and give opinion on them to peers, but the increases in price is definitely making that harder to justify. Really should cap at $40-50 and just be reduced across the board when a new rank comes up.

75 euros here in the EU… for non western countries, Brazil for example i feel like the equivalent of that in local currency is a considerable percentage of the minimum wage. That price is just absolute coorporate greed! i will NEVER spend that much on a single vehicle, especially one subject to change by the whims of developers that have made VERY questionable decisions in the past. Ho 229 fighting F86 and mig 15 for example, or more recently the absolute pay2win premium UFO menace that were F89 and especially Su 11… For 75 euros i can buy 2 DCS modules, that are fully modelled with clickable cockpits and levels of realism that Warthunder can only dream of. Or i could buy groceries for 2 weeks!
The value just is not there, period. Imo these premiums should not be more than 30 euros, im sure a lot more people would buy them too at that price point.

In my eyes this is a huge middle finger to the community, coupled with unbridled greed by the devs. War Thunder is already hugely profitable, they make up about 3% of the hungarian tech GDP. Let that salivate on your tounges. They dont need to price things so high.


We need justification for these prices!

How much extra work did this $75 premium vehicle take to develop over a $30 premium vehicle?


Congrats, you worked out Capitalism.

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This vehicle can unlock the entire TT. While the $30 vehicle can not.