Increase BR for Tornado IDS MFG

The Tornado IDS MFG is very good as CAS with even bypass must SPAA defence like Pantsir and Tor combination. The br for this jet should be 12.3 instead 11.0 it don’t get hit by verhicles like Puma and 2S38 and destroying any verhicle that respawn in game.

Are you mentally challenged at all? A tornado to 12.3 lmao, as if there even worth the 11.3 br they sit at today. In what world would the tornado be able to even play at 12.3 in air. We have jets with more ordinance than them with better flight performance and missiles all it the same br or 11.7, so no they should not be moved up.


bro this is literally spam

The Tornado IDS MFG is strike aircraft and in ARB it would lose of course against Mig-29 and F-16 but in CAS it encounter less advanced jets.

If one tornado goes up all the tech tree ones with similar capabilities goes up, the tornados are already such a punching bag and you want them on equal footing with flankers and F-15s?
That’s hilarious.
Because playing a tech tree one trying to unlock its mods is composed of being useless to the team and dying dozens and dozens of times over and over.