Increase Air Map Size in GRB

If I could change the game, I would increase the air-map size. For instance, on some maps like Abandoned Factory, planes are restricted to a ~10 mile radius from the battlefield. This is the range of the Pantsir S1. I think it should be at least ~30 mile radius.

I say this as a CAP pilot, NOT a CAS pilot, because in the F-14A or B, you cannot make the most use your radar or AIM-54’s (this problem will be exacerbated with the addition of ARH for more planes soonTM.) I would go even further and suggest all planes must spawn at an airfield at the edge of the map. Ideally 20-30 miles, in my opinion.

p.s. I made a suggestion post regarding this that got insta-rejected within 5 minutes, so I posted another one that is currently pending. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to discuss this with the players here. What are your thoughts?