Increas multipathing for BRs under 12.0

Notching works unless the missile is advanced and has IOG, then it will carry your last known position / heading and might hit you. That’s where chaff, cranking comes in to play plus other maneuvers. Two people have shared videos now that help explain how to defeat radar missiles it’s up to you whether you want to learn.

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You saying that you dies from them, with result of cry
And at same time saying that you know how to dodge…

Its a game not real life.

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Aim120. Not aim54

stop flying in a straight line toward enemy bases.


Course it does, notching the radar lock. Fly 90 degrees or slightly away and it’ll struggle to maintain the lock. pop some chaff for good measure, no more Phoenix problems.

Glad this is being shared.

0 difference if you dodge them, not just kisses ground

Not really
Ppl suffer less

Yes and multipathing made radar missiles unusable unless they had IOG now they are a legitimate threat.

and in game it works principally the same. It’s highly likely that it is even easier to doge in game than real life.

you dodge both exactly the same at long ranges. at close ranges you will have a WAY harder time dodging AIM-120 whilst the AIM-54 can be dodged with hard turning and out-maneuvering the missile.

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