Incorrect thrust of the MiG-29 engine

The RD-33-2C engine (i.e. the second series) is installed on the aircraft
, the developers took the available thrust from the book practical aerodynamics of the MiG-29 aircraft p.151, However, these graphs in the book are incorrect. So do not correspond to the description that the thrust-to-weight ratio at M = 0, H = 0, 1.14
The basis was taken
Dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences
Screenshots are attached
95. Turbojet dual-circuit engine with afterburner
combustion chamber RD33-2C: textbook was used as literature. / Edited by V. V. Kuleshov. – Publication
VVIA named after prof. N. E. Zhukovsky, 1986. – 328 p.

According to the initial data, when recalculating thrust based on graphs of total pressure loss from Practical aerodynamics at the upper entrance, we get a thrust of 6495kgs, with an axial 7144kgs, or 14288 kgf, then we get a thrust-weight ratio of 1.1, which corresponds to the description from the PA. therefore, we need to revise the thrust of the MiGs-29 engine, there is also a jump-like increase in thrust when opening the axial entrance flaps

Sources used:

  1. (Practical aerodynamics of the MiG-29)
  2. The theory of gas turbine engines under.ed Nechaeva Yu.A . tom .2
  3. Theory and calculation of air-jet engines /under TT3 ed. by S.M.Shlyakhtenko
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    The graph of available thrust in the book Practical Aerodynamics is incorrect
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make a bug report about it here with the same documents pics and explanation they may listen to you there // Issues

He did

The original source for the practical aerodynamics of the MiG-29 engine was the book “Turbojet dual-circuit engine with afterburner combustion chamber RD-33”

Can you prove this? If so, can deny the credibility of the practical aerodynamics book and forward the additional sources.

sources are also indicated there

Evidently you didn’t show them this reasoning, as such it was denied outright

everything is listed there with all sources

Did you read the reply?

All I can say is that every source and their mother states that the RD-33 engines produces 81KN of thrust in After Burner. Currently in game we have 68KN There is a huge discrepancy in the Mig-29s performance.

To be honest, even if this was a cry. Its a valid one. Because you damn well know that if Gaijin doesn’t listen to these types of changes then they won’t listen to you when you best need them, Humble yourself _Pterodacty91855