Incorrect repair cost?

I have notice the repair cost are inconsistent to the time spending in battles. For example. In this match, my SU7 BKL survived for only 3:24 minutes before getting shot down and yet my repair cost goes to full 11,725 SL.

Similar to the above, in this match my F14 also survived for 1:11 and yet still got full repair cost

According to time span the calculation are totally incorrect, so why repair cost sometime depends on time played and sometime it didn’t?

Repair cost is just another grind nerf. If i lease my vehicle and driver to a team i should be compensated i full.
I suggest put a bug report in

If you crash you have to pay full cost.

Try turning on automatic repair and see if it still doesn’t calculate correctly.

I already tried crashing to deny my kill many times and I didnt have to pay the full price so its not related.