In your opinion, what’s the most overpowered vehicle in the game?

Both tanks outclass T-series in gun handling, survivability and reload. The T-90A is mediocre and not a very good reason to uptier the 10.0-10.3 vehicles.


The T90S is one of the best 10.3 tanks

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how is the Strv 42 op

Fast, somewhat armored, good gun depression, and overpressure APHE.

And SAV m/43

Same, but even has very good armor.

Are you talking about the 1943 or 1946 one

Because the 1946 becomes a glass cannon sortof

Just read what i wrote in the initial comment :)

And? You still can just click on the turret ring of any abrams, or the Type-90’s hull with 3bm42. Gun handling matters far less when you position intelligently

Pantsir is the most obviously vehicle which is just a level above all its “peer” spaas at 11.7. Comparing it to the British/Canadian ADATS is just hilarious.

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Yea and gaijin added it knowing that due to Air Defense doctrine in many nato nations they do not produce or operate similar systems.

They also claim that NATO SEAD weapons, like the AGM-88 HARM, “don’t really work, so there is no point modelling/adding them”. Very convenient if you ask me.

and then they add a Russian CAS with a missile with 40KM range

Well they wouldn’t to be fair

Do you mean they would be OP, or that they wouldn’t work at all?

I was under the impression they are pretty accurate and reliable if the radar emitter doesn’t stop broadcasting and move.

The Pantsir can just switch to IRIS-T and move but for certian SPAA it can work well but they can still be avoided much easier then a Vikhas or

would be very good against people who ain’t aware

To be fair - Pantsirs can technically shoot down all my bombs/mavericks that I send at them, but very few actually do so. Even if you force the Pantsir to switch off their Radar, it’s at least some form of suppression (IR tracker has less range as far as I know?)