In your opinion, what’s the most overpowered vehicle in the game?

it does have less range

i just don’t think they would be that great but i do want to see them

There’s nothing it offers over the Turan 1 aside from a higher br and like 6mm more pen. Same br as the T-50 or M3 Lee too.
The M13’s too while they used to be good for reserve vehicles (although not nearly as good as the BT-5 or especially M8 LAC) just got booted up 0.7 or 1.0 br. I just don’t think they’re very good where they’re at.

They are, you just have to know how to use them.

I do know how to use them but they’re still just not very good. I do good in them but it’s the same for any vehicle around that br because you mostly fight new players and can make just about any vehicle work.

It maybe does not fit your playstyle then.

What makes it better than a T-50 or turan 1 though? What specifically out of all the 2.7s makes the M15/42 the best?

Very troll turret armor, and a nuke shell, that despite having only 30g of TNT does the same amount of damage as the BR-350A with 150g. Top it all up with a fast reload.

If you include KV-1E you have to include M4A2 as well.
T26E5 is only “OP” in the hands of someone that mains APCR.

M4A2 can easily be countered. It is a very good tank, but nowhere near to the KV-1E/B.

I have 14 K/D with it and i have used APCR 1x or 2x.
EDIT: And most of my matches were in uptiers. You just ned to know weak spots and be a bit patient.

KV-1E is as easily countered.

Also you’re just a beast in arcade.

Not with most tanks. many players also have a whole forest on their little KV-1B/E.

Really? The ZTZ-99 II/III?

It’s not even the best 10.7 Chinese Tank since the MBT-2000 exists. The ZTZ-99’s main downside is its 5kph reverse speed and lack of neutral steering severely limiting its flexibility and survivability. It also has a huge LFP weakspot that leads to instant ammo racks and paper thin sides that cant even survive long range auto-cannons. Just because you get some lucky MM with it doesn’t make it OP. Most vehicles would excel when fighting vehicles a whole 1.0 BR under it.

Hands down obj 292 or bmp2m

Obvious most powerful vehicles in the game strv leopards

Most powerful =/= most overpowered.
Obviously the STRV-122B+ is the (current) best tank in the game, but overpowered mean’s absurdly powerful in relation to vehicles in the same tier, which the STRV-122B+ is not.

Agreed. It gets worse when you consider the Tornado ADV/F.3. that thing will happily dunk on teams in downtiers but in uptiers it sucks balls.

Agreed, its on par to other leopards. Trading Firepower for armour, i call that balance. Because i cant say the CV90120 is OP since it has great mobility and Firepower.

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1944 SAV is very good, as is the EH. I wouldnt call them OP, though. The filler is insane, but the round generally lacks pen. Decent armor, though.

Pvkv II is interesting- its gun is excellent, but has ~12s reload, fairly long for a 75mm. It mainly shines in its optics and depression. If you are having trouble killing it, remember that its hull and turret are seprate- generally to destroy it you need to put one shot in each.

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Yea the Pvkv II is generally ballanced trading mobility, and armour for Firepower. And as for the Strv 42 EH It gets uptiered alot to T-34 and KV-1 area. There the Strv 42s armour, cannon, mobility generally performs horrible.

And for those that think the Strv 42 DT is OP. Its literaly just follows the Swedish tactics of having great Firepower and mobility, in trade for armour

Swedish tanks are fun for this reason, they play like a Rat, generally annoying as high heck. But not difficult to get rid of once you spot them

If you spot them hehe, -15 degrees of depression hides most of the tank

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You might be confusing. I consider thm OP not because i have issues with killing them, but because i play(ed) them.

With the Pvkv II the reload can be decreased to 10.6s with an expert crew and maxed out reloading skill and leadership.
Yeah it is long, but it has excellent pen, very good damage, and insane optics. It is also decently mobile, and unlike many TDs, it has a turret with actually good traverse speed (unlike khm khm M10), and good gun depression.

The Ikv and the EH are also strong. If you know weak spots then the pen will be not a problem at all.
But as i said, i have no problem killing them, if i am playing with any tank that is even remotely good.