In your opinion, what’s the most overpowered vehicle in the game?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I have some vehicles that I just wanted to discuss with others since BR compression, especially in the 8.0-11.0 range is quite absurd.

  1. The T55AM-1
    I mean a laser rangefinder at 8.7 and an incredible round, what’s not to love. I feel like leaving every time I see this thing whilst I’m playing at 7.7, especially in a heavy tank lol. I definitely feel this one benefits a lot from downtiers as the 9.0-9.7 br range isn’t played a lot in my experience. But good armor, decent mobility and a laser rangefinder makes this thing excellent, and there’s a premium version.
  2. Bkan
    I love this thing, this one has less to do with BR compression and more to do with an amazing HE shell and a 3.2 second reload. After getting the ability to take 14 rounds this thing is even more deadly and fits well into the 6.7 Sweden lineup. I can easily get 4 kills a game with this thing just due to how fast you can shoot, and the velocity of the he rounds. Unfortunately it has -2 degreees of depression and can’t make it up a slight incline, but I’m scared every time I have to fight this thing.
  3. Ztz 99II/III
    I love these tanks. At 10.7 you would think it would be awful having the ability to fight against leopard 2a7s and T80s, however with the influx of premiums at 10.0/10.3 uptiers are very rare, and personally I’ve only been fully uptiered TWICE in more than 30 games with these things. Having a top tier round which can go through almost everything you fight against, good armor and decent acceleration, it’s like having a better TURMS at 10.7. And to complement this thing you get the Z9WA with 8 TY90s or 8 Hellfires (6km Chinese AKD’s) and an F5E with 4 AGM 65B’s. I definitely think these can go to 11.0 if the newest tanks get moved up aswell.
  4. 2s38
    Yeah I really got nothing to say for this one. I’ve shot the fuel tank on this thing so many times and it just eats my round and does no damage (even happened while I was in the leo2pl(dm43)). Half the time you shoot the ammo and nothing happens, it’s great AA and a great tank destroyer, should definitely be 10.7-11.0 (you know, closer to things that are similar like the HSTVL and the OTOMATIC).
  5. Vidar
    Okay I do think the Vidar is overpowered, but at the same time it’s a hard vehicle to place within warthunder. War thunder in its current state is more of a brawl game than a war simulator, so most fights you are having are closed ranged, and this thing doesn’t have a stabilizer and only uses HE. When you get put on the right map with this thing (think Finland, Poland, etc.) you can easily get 5+ kills by sniping all match, but in maps like sun city, there are only very few spots where you can actually have the longer range engagements where the laser rangefinder gives you an advantage. This vehicles entire gimmick is having the laser rangefinder at such a low BR which makes it excellent at sniping, put it at 9.0 where you will face things with stabilizers and laser rangefinders every match and you lose the entire gimmick of the vehicle, being able to be sniped easily. So while I do think it’s overpowered in a way, I believe 8.0 is fair as there is a much larger influx of heavy vehicles, as in it is much harder to kill an IS8 with HE than it is the kill a T72 with HE.

Alright those are my top 5 currently, there are some others I do love such as the Conqueror, ratel 20, Belgeitpanzer, IS3, type 62, every Swedish AA ever, but I feel as if these 5 are the most prominent in my experience, but I’d really like to hear from you guys about what vehicles you think benefit the most from being at their BR (totally not looking for a list of vehicles to grind for (; ).


That’s by design? Diesel fuel tanks have been used as additional armour for yonks - even the Leopards will eat rounds in their fuel tanks.


The entire Russian 10.0 premium/squad lineup is absurd.

T-72 TURMS: LRF, Great thermals, Good round, Good protection, functional mobility, adequate gun handling.

BMP-2M: literally performs every role in the game. IFV? You’ve got a better gun than the Puma or Bradley. AA? You have 10km proxy missiles. AT? You have 4 fire-on-the-move tandem warhead missiles. Someone hiding behind cover? Swap to the grenade launcher and chuck HE at them. The only hard part about using this vehicle is that it can do SO MUCH that it’s hard to use it all effectively.

2S38: it’s a HSTVL 1.3 BR lower with great AA capabilities too.

And to top it all off, these are all at 10.0 along with the SU-25.


That isn’t my point, my point is the complete and utter randomness of the effectiveness of this as armor, there’s times where I will pen it with the Abrams just fine and it’ll kill them, or like I said with the DM43 where it just eats it, and the DM43 on the PL has 500mm+ of pen, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah I really enjoy Russia 10.0 but hate playing it because of how absurd it is. I usually use the lineup with the KA50 and SU25BM at 11.0 and it works just fine even in uptiers 🤷‍♂️

And the funniest part to me is I don’t even think that’s their best lineup. I have much more luck at 7.7 with the IS4m, t54 and zsu-37-2, that’s just me though as players are much worse at this br generally (or at least in downtier a)

Jadgpanzer IV by far.
T-55AM-1 is inferior to every 9.0 in the game, it’s balanced.
2S38 is a barely better Strf 9040C, for this to be as OP as Jadgpanzer IV Strf 9040C would be OP as well.
Vidar isn’t OP at all.

Any answer other than the He-100 and KV-1B is objectively wrong and cringe.

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KV-1B/E … way too undertiered …

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Oh boy this thread is gonna get spicy


The t55am is definitely overpowered lol, I can’t tell you how many times that thing has ate my shells for no good reason, and it’s shell is absurd at that BR range, it’s definitely better than things like the ztz88 aswell. If you read my post I was talking about how the vidar CAN be overpowered when put into longe range engagements specifically in downtiers. There is almost no dispersion on the shell and it ca overpressure things very easily when you have that ability to hit precise shots.

the armour is good against HEAT and 3bm25 APFSDS is about the same as 105 DM13 APDS, the starter L7 rounds.

low key russia crying thread as usual

Jadgpanzer is a good vehicle but it’s a case mate, all you have to do is artillery it out of position and shoot out its tracks or transmission. I don’t think it should be 4.3 but then again there’s really no point to it if everything it fights against can just pen it frontally. I really don’t have a problem with it in vehicles like the *pzIV

PTZ89, what more do i have to say?

That was the only Russian vehicle on the list besides the 2s38, and I play Russia, I’m not complaining about any one specific nation as I play most of them. It is really hard to fight against a t55 in something like the AML90, let alone the T55AM. It’s penetration is absurd and they should have moved it up with the ztz88A/B

Oh I forgot about that thing, I love using both the APFSDS and the HE on that thing, I gotta play that more often.

One busted vehicle is the STRV 9040 BILL. You can abuse this thing on certain maps it’s insane.

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That’s the one with the top attack missile correct? I haven’t quite finished the Swedish tree but I have tested some of the higher BR vehicles in the past. I do love me some Swedish IFV’s though, and the only country with better IFV’s currently is USSR. But I like Sweden more due to the sheer volume and how fast they are able to shoot aswell as the pen and missiles

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Well, I agree with ViDAr and the 2S38, but not the BKAN, the HE shells are very hit or miss.

Might just be because I use HE a lot, but I can easily one shot Tiger 2s almost every time, even things like the conqueror don’t give me much of an issue in this thing

F-16C blok 50 and Gripen
holy fuck the thermal pod and the amount of guided ordinance is disgusting

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