In your opinion, what’s the most overpowered vehicle in the game?

Did I frag you? Cause it’s just a normal Corsair just with an airspawn.

Capture d’écran (737)
not reaaally :)))

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I was rushing an air battle task in-between Kurnass 2000 matches.
If I didn’t get a bomber frag in the first pass, move on to the next match.

I think the USH 405 and Raketenautomat are pretty OP. Those autoloaded HEAT rockets are killer.

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The USH is only good if it is played like a rat, and you can’t really play aggressive with it.

It manages to be the slowest and most sluggish wheeled vehicle in existence, and it dies to .30 cals.

I wouldn’t call it the most OP, but it is easily the most annoying and infuriating.

I play it pretty aggressively and I kill vehicles in front first then peek out with one of my doom boxes and don’t expose my crew and just pick off anybody coming back for revenge. Then die to a aircraft because Usa go: here catch my 1000 pound bomb chuckle-nuts! and i implode because the armour is paper XD

and SKR-1/7,especially SKR-7

SKR is laughably OP in a downtier, especially if the opposition simply let it cruise toward the coastal spawn unchecked.

In uptiers it should struggle as it has no AP round. Except it doesn’t as most players still ignore it and it once again sails direct to massacre the coastals.

Its so funny to see that in the broken game currently in operation they seen a complete reversal of fortune. With a reload nerf and having lost its immunity it’s suddenly just as killable as any other 4.3. I’ve had games where I’ve killed 3 or even 4 of them because players haven’t adjusted their tactics…how the mighty have fallen.

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Gaijin buffed HE rounds in this update and now SKRs can damage destroyers easier with their cannons.

Damage of their rockets is all the ship’s nightmare:25kg TNT warhead at 144RPM and a SKR has 4 rocket turrets,last time i was in a destroyer and a SKR behind a hill killed me in seconds with his rocket
IMO SKR has already become the strongest melee fight ship in the whole game,even looks stronger than a battleship,or at least in his BR

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SKRs have gained from the HE mess, but they have also lost their greatest advantage namely the very broken damage model which is simply being bypassed. Every hit now hurts them instead of many being mere scratches. They have gained a little but lost a lot.

But what has also happened is a lot of players want to have fast HE throwers and jump straight to the SKR enmasse. But if you hit them early they die far easier.

They are strong now, but very killable unlike a week ago when it took a lot of work and luck. Unfortunately it won’t last.

M13/40 (any variant) or M14/41 (any variant) or M15/42.
P40 (it is actually broken now)
M43 75/34
KV-220 (in a downtier).
StuH 42
Object 211
B1 ter
Strv m/42 EH/Ikv 73
Sav m/43 (1944)
Pvkv II
Matilda III (in a downtier)
Churchill I (in a downtier)
T-80 (the light tank)
Object 279 (in a downtier)
KV-85 (if you know how to use it)


A combo that can wreck in naval arcade. If you can get the hang of high altitude bombing you can rack up multiple kills. And to add insult to injury it’s at 4.3 which is Owned by Russia with the SKR, 206, Bez, Smelyi…even the worst options are good.

B7A2/800kg (bonus if you have the B7A2 H23)

Another one that wrecks in naval. At 3.7 there’s less AA so you can get close. It’s also a good bomber hunter and makes fighters work for their money.

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Really? The M15/42?

I wish I could hit them early and beat them, but even when I do my 40mms (PT-808, Japanese 3.3 PT boat that gets to see them for some reason despite being slow as frakk with similarly slow torps) just seem to hit like spitballs…

Yes, if you know how to use it.

you should give it a go and put t80b and t90a in the line up even in 10.7 its easy going…

Remember to have fun getting sealclubbed by Type 90s and M1A1s.

Both tanks you mentioned have garbage armour with obvious weakspots, not difficult at all to kill if you can aim

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3BM60 go woosh though the turret ring

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Lmao waste of 3bm60 tbh. Mango works fine for turret rings