In your opinion, what’s the most overpowered vehicle in the game?

The Eurofighter that was introduced into service in 2003? Rafale in 2001? Sure, if the USA gets the 1990s F-15C with the AN/APG-63(V)1. Oooh, or the Strike Eagle which entered service in 1989. Yes, there shall be a lot of salt from US mains about how they’re forced to compete with planes a decade newer than theirs.

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you know its radar is better then the early Rafales
and weapons would be similar

Sure. And the youngest F-15C airframes were old enough to vote when the Rafale entered service. The fact they’re comparable is a source of pride, not salt.

the flight performance is still better i some ways

Exactly. Its not the win he thinks it is.

Have you not seen how the US mains are whining about the Gripen? They are claiming the F-16 should be way stronger than it in a dogfight. The Gripen C is the worst eurocanard in terms of performance, so it’s only going to get more salty moving forwards.

Well, according to the Euros themselves the early Eurofighters couldn’t match the F-16 or F/A-18 for turning capability.

Laurie Hilditch, head of future capabilities at Eurofighter, says the modification kit should give the aircraft the sort of “knife-fight in a phone box” turning capability enjoyed by rivals such as Boeing’s F/A-18E/F or the Lockheed Martin F-16, without sacrificing the transonic and supersonic high-energy agility inherent to its delta wing-canard configuration.

So, if the Gripen is the worst right now, what does that make the Eurofighter?

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Object 279, BMP3, Leopard2K, Wiesel1A2 and Gerpard

How is the gepard OP? Almost every nation has an equivalent of some form.

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Stop it bro, don’t raise my boi any higher to get slaughtered by 10.0s, he can’t handle them bro

For his transgression on release, 279 could go all the way up to 12.7.

That was such major stinker back then.

Now thats a name i havent heard in a long time.

Nowadays it can’t even beat the T-72M1 1vs1 most of the time, the 279 is lucky to bounce a shot.

Sorry, Gerpard1A2

Yes great mobility, fire power and 20mm on top

No no no bring it back to 8.7 XD

  1. Your source is paywalled

  2. Assuming it’s talking about the Aerodynamics Modification Kit, that was added to EF in 2015, when we know the performance of the EF already far exceeded either of the two jets you mentioned.

"We saw angle of attack values around 45% greater than on the standard aircraft, and roll rates up to 100% higher, all leading to increased agility. The handling qualities appeared to be markedly improved, providing more manoeuvrability, agility and precision while performing tasks representative of in-service operations.

You’re probably taking Hilditch’s comment completely out of context.

That does not make it better, there are still many equivalents at very similar BRs.

None of those are OP, but you do you.

the AU-1 certainly isn’t amirite