In the name of all that's Holy lower the B-29 BR

Absolutely couldn’t agree more

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You cry that b29 is high try tu4 that fights radar missiles every game

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… and bless the pygmies in New Guinea

so what


that not only b29 deserves to be lower br tu-4 suffers from same problem if not worse

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Remove bombers from Air RB as Gaijin has decided to render the mode TDM.

Add a PVE ground pound game mode with rewards akin to Heli PVE.


Meanwhile, Tu-4 sitting at 8.0.

That does not change anything. They’re both unusable.

Okay, maybe I’m a little slow to understanding this, but how does GRB determine the BR of a bomber?? I don’t feel like it’s used to much there. For fighter/fighter-bombers/attack aircraft I could see it helping determine but I don’t feel as much for bombers. But please explain cuz I might just be super stupid


Currently, the battle rating for aircraft is determined by both their performance in ARB and GRB (at least for those with reasonable A2G loadouts)

A good example for this is the tornado IDS. The 3 with guided weapons sit at 11.3 but the 2 without are 11.0. but all 5 are identical except for the guided weapons difference.

Bombers, with lots of bombs mean lots of tank kills, and thus a higher BR, especially aircraft like the Lancaster with it’s 12k bomb. In ARB the Lancaster probably needs a major BR reduction with it’s very limited turret coverage and small calibre guns. But it probably needs a BR increase for GRB because the 12k bomb is a mini nuke and can kill LOTS of tanks

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Same here:

Maybe i am completely wrong - but imho i see bombers still in gaijin’s shame corner for killing to much fighters (and airfields = matches) in the past.

I’d rather assume that maybe a Pe-8 will go lower as their FAB 5.000 attacks are spectacular to watch in GRB, but the heavier models in general? I mean it took ages to lower the BR of Sterlings despite they died (and still die) like flies in Air RB.

So if the majority of heavies dies before they have the chance to use the full potential of their bomb loads the high BRs look rather like a “don’t use it” strategy, therefore i would not bet money on significant drops.


Just forget about the B-29 and Tu-4. They’re too powerful to go any lower, and the introduction of AIM-9B’s sealed their fate forever.

Makes since but how many times do you see bombs, outside of the PE-8 and lancaster, in GRB matches. I see them maybe 1 every 20, 1 every 15 if were talkin b25/tu-2’a and light bombers like that. I do agree tho about the PE-8’S and Lancasters.

OH yeah, its stupid. It makes no sense at all. But I think it still occurs.

Yeah. Still even in ARB, bombs are normally just free kills at most BR’s. If the higher tiered ones are moved down the lower tier plane can’t do as much. Just think about trying to kill B-17 in like a Bf-109E. That’s gonna be a lot harder so I don’t see how some, if not most can be lowered by much, at least to the point of not still being able to see the same aircraft they see now.

Yeah, the only bomber i’d not move is the Ju-288C, All others could probably get a BR reduction of at least 0.7 without any harm. Maybe even more

That deserves to be moved to 12.7 😂

This thing (or TU-4 I don’t remember) fights 8km SARH missiles it physically cannot dodge. It’s very funny I love my Voutor interceptor