Gaijin, please lower the BR of the B-29. It can't do anything at 7.3

Fighting Mig-15 and F-86 in a B-29 just simply isn’t fair. I don’t feel much else has to be said. It’s objectively worse than most, if not all, of the lower BR jet bombers.


A B-29 once killed 5 guys on my team… it was a amazing sight. altough it didnt survive after the last Mig smacked into it head on…

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The B-29 fights air to air missiles :(

yea. i usualy try to spare any prop bomber then enemy has. since they are suffering enough

I just had My B-29 and a teammate’s B-29 get slapped by a single SAAB that hit us both from 2KM+ with an Air-to-Air missile back-to-back. I tried to MG the missile, but I couldn’t manage it.

yea, ive took the Swedish T2 to 12.0 Yeaa it got slapped by a Tomcat. He then said

“lol go back to low tier You imbisile!!!, get outa ere Noob”

Mhm - war is actually not fair at all, and B-29s were withdrawn from daylight missions above Korea due to MiG 15s; your experiences with F-86s is owed due to fictional warfare, same with this Swedish nonsensical stuff in Air RB.

Nevertheless i fully agree with your critics regarding the BR of 7.3 as it shows the inherent weaknesses of gaijin’s BR setting policy.

I mean an aircraft that saw service mid '44 would theoretically face props in the 5.0 - 7.0 BR range. So that the fellow players flying aircraft designed to intercept them (like Ki-83, Ta 152 H, etc.) would face them.

Actually those interceptors never see B-29s at they sit at 6.0.

This kills the opportunity of (in the broder sense) somehow realistic combat scenarios, so from a holistic view a BR of 6.0 would be adequate.

On the other hand we see prop fighters designed to fight jets like the P-51 H-5 (which never saw combat) placed way below the BR setting of potential enemies like the Me 262 and harassing actual WW 2 props, just because their average pilots is a noob and unable to use it’s potential.

Imho just another proof of gaijin’s reluctance to treat bombers fair…

Maybe you met hitman:


Meanwhile Tu-4 at 8.0…

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I mean, the Tu-4 suffers the same problems the B-29 does. Only they get worse as you get faster, more powerful jets in its BR bracket. The saving grace is that the 23mm defensive firepower really punishes people who don’t think about their attacks… not that it’ll save you from, say, a hunter making a head on attack

Ye TU 4 aswell but you did not mention to lower it

Protip: turn off the engines.

Which just leaves you vulnerable to 1 radar missile slinger i believe (in a max uptier) and mclos missiles.

He died to a MCLOS missile.

This complaint can be made for every bomber vs fighter situation in game.

I’m hoping all bombers can get a BR drop in air modes in June. 99% of them are over BRed


Concerning their BR’s are based on their performance in air and not ground, I doubt it. Also I got the feeling a lot of people are going to disappointed about the BR changes like they were for the fuel slider.

For some its really hard to tell. I also think there is a degree of “old ARB” still affecting BRs.

I understand why large bomb loads = higher BRs in the past, but to be honest these days. Does it actually matter?

They are also probably due a BR reduction after the contrail “nerf”. Which render high and sneaky strategies impossible.

I think some need to come down but cant because of GRB. Like the Lancasters. Their 12k bomb is OP in GRB, but kinda pointless for ARB.

I think each and every bomber needs a thorough review, I think a few probably should get at least 1 stop reduction. But I know there are a few that will go down in June. Both Tornado Gr1 and Jaguar Gr1A almost gunaranteed in my opinion.

He said SAAB. Not SK-60B. So presumably thats the Saab 105 with 2 Aim-9B. Not the Rb-05 air to ground missile of the SK-60B.

While the Rb-05 is a perfectly capable air to air missile against bombers, the SK-60 is at a lower BR than the B29.

Tu 4 meets Sarh event without uptier if I remember correctly

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i agree is totaly unplayable.

I can’t exactly do that if he’s got an Su-11 wingman…