Can the B-29 be given a new rating? It is not useable

I find it nearly impossible to use this plane. I never even make it to the half way point of ANY map. If I fly this plane I spend 5-10 minutes TRYING to get decent altitude just for ANYONE on the other team to take literally 8 seconds to blow me out of the sky with 0 chance. I wasted so much of my time getting this plane it hurts. Literally unusable. This plane is a waste of time/money/effort. No player should EVER get this plane because it will make you quit the game. Such a waste. This plane needs a new lower battle rating so it can actually be used. This experience has been absolutely heartbreaking.

I feel your pain flying bombers is suicide and bombers are the first thing the enemy see’s and every one jumps on you. You any good with your turrets? You could turn around and wait for the enemy population to decrease or stat getting lower in altitude

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Well,… todays High altitude bombers requires peoples to know how to use their gunners themselves.

A Good bomber players would be able to kill fighters by doing so.

Most of the time, you want to flee the incoming fighter → choose opposite direction.

Then switch to gunner view (F6 by default) and fire to ennemy in your 6 being under 1.6km away(2km if you’re using Tu-4)

→ Why ←
The fact that you’re fleeing ennemy, will basically:

  • reduce the ennemy gun range (that’s because you’re flying away from him)
  • increasing yours (because he is flying toward you)
  • giving you more firing time before he can even fire to you (simple facts of speed differential)

Therefore, your survivability depends on your choices.

sometimes it’s better to choose having more speed than altitude, simply because you already spotted an incoming fighter → and you want speed differential to be as low as possible.

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Idk how to say it, but 4 engine bombers are dead, at least for Air RB. You might find some purpose for them in Ground RB or Air SB - but gaijin nerfed bomber game play in the last 3-5 years to such an extent that just hard core fans or pilots with insane gunner skills use them.

Some years ago B-29s were around 6.0 and a pain to fight, no you are just wasting repair cost and a team slot.

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Thanks for all the reply’s guys. The problem I have with fleeing is that I am so slow compared to these other fighter jets. They are doing 3x my speed if not up to possibly 5x? 6? I do manage well with my gunner turrets, but the chances of actually being able to use it for a bomb run has probably exceeded a 90% failure rate. Most of the time not even making it to the half way point of any map. It is such a shame. Such legendary stories wrapped in history. Such amazing planes. Why cant they just make more ground targets and beef up the health of bases? Why kill these Titans?

Would still be unfair compared to other bomber.

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The solution was as if gaijn made that in each match there must be at least one strategic and tactical bomber, the strategic one should have an altitude of 8-9km at the start and the tactical one should have an altitude of 6-7, of course so that the bombers are not op, in each match there must be an interceptor that would respawn at 3-3.5 km, altitude and the interceptor plane would have 3x more exp and sl for killing the bomber than a regular fighter.

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You got it easy with American bombers, british lancaster turrets are like 7.62 and not many

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