In game voice communication

It would be a very welcome voice communication that could alert the fellow player when are in danger.
a voice call of “CHECK SIX”! in a lot better that trying to type it in the chad.

Kinda like a quick message, like attack the A point of something?

Make a suggestion.

He’s referring to proper voice chat. Proximity Chat would be beneficial for those in Sim and an ingame translator would help a lot for those who speak other languages.

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Ahhh ok. I’d totally be on board for some sort of proxy chat, or just having the squad chat in game reworked so you can also toggle it to be heard in the full lobby. And if you don’t want to hear it you could turn it off.


they have a in game voice chat.

But it’s only for people your squaded with. Need some sort of voice chat or quick chat message to warn every other player your not squaded with

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Based on the kind of things I see in all chat, I do not think having proximity voice chat is a good idea for this game’s community.

Improving the pre-made radio messages is something I would support though.

For Sim, it would, not be for AB or GRB. Other games have Proximity Chat which performs fine. There is no excuse to not add it. The only reason it isn’t is because game developers want to moderate. But an in-game voice chat would be like them stepping into Vietnam. They want to control it but refuse to understand that you need to put trust in your community to self-moderate people which is what some people will do.

It’s the massive problem with WT, the Developers are very disconnected from what people want.

I use “I need backup” for that, many people use that just for informing there is an enemy close.

Yesterday I saw an enemy get behing of a friendly that was going straight, and he understood what I meant, started turning, and I had the time to save him.

The problem with this idea, assuming it’s a quickchat, is that the game have no real way to directly specify who you want to warn. The best you can do the “Attention to the Map!!!” behind the player and hope they actually look at the map.