In-game text SIZE

I play at a resolution of 3440 x 1440, and the in-game text is simply HUGE. When there are about four indicators showing even just the type of plane and distance, it becomes a jumble of text that is incomprehensible.

Just as we have a setting to change the text size in game menus, why not have one for in-game text as well?

Thank you very much!

You can change the number of things it shows you

I mean you can alter that? I play at 5120*1440 and it’s acceptable with my settings. You can also adjust the UI as a whole.

I play using a 4K HDR monitor (3840 x 2160) and I don’t experience this issue.

Have you tried adjusting the UI scaling in the client’s options menu?


My monitor has the same resolution and I have the text expanded(old and all, need larger font sizes . . .lol) but what would also suggest is setting the Resolution to Auto, as shown here on the launcher
see if that helps any


that’s for the MENU.
I’m talking about IN-GAME indicators. Like enemy names, type of jet, distance and so on :)

The only information you can change is the measurement (meters, km, miles, etc). Besides that… there’s no option to change the size of the in-game marker, and the text for it.

I think it’s the “Player’s Marker” setting… I know for my PS4 I turned off everything but the type because I had a lower resolution.

so sad :( Can Gaij do something about this?

You can put a request in to the Suggestions area for the text size thing.

But, like what PCPaulDPearl wrote, you can turn off individual text indicators in the Options | Player Markers settings section.

IMO, definitely turn off “titles” – it’ll give you back some screen space by removing text that is basically meaningless for battle.

Distance, Vehicle and nickname I find useful, but you can turn off those individually if you want too.

Titles go away except at very close distances anyway, it doesn’t make that much difference.