Improvements for helicopter PVE

So I have recently got into the PVE mode for helicopters. It is truly in my opinion a fun game mode and I believe that it can definitely use some working on. For starters making the map a little bit smaller, this is because its a real pain to fly for so long just to get shot down by aa when you don’t have atgms. I believe instead of the 64x64 maps they should be brought down to 32x32 or somewhere in between the two. Last is the aa, I feel like they are too over powered, like no matter how you evade they will always get you no matter what, it would be nice if they were nerfed enough to where they can still shoot you down if you aren’t paying attention instead of them beaming you anytime you look at them. Other than that I think the game mode is very fun to play with your friends if you are tired of trying hard

I didn’t notice any PvE simulator battles, aside from, perhaps, a few specific timed events…
The ones that are in the events screen are classified as arcade helicopter PvE battles.
If so, I already created a thread:

Suggestions and discussions open.

But if it is indeed a simulator PvE mode, I haven’t noticed it’s existence.

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It never existed. Heli EC and the current Heli PvE EC, has always been exclusive under the Arcade game mode.

The OP is just making the mistake of posting in the wrong sub-forum.

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As a seasoned Helicopter PvE player, i think the AI AA is of course a bit overpowered but i think there are easy ways to overcome their powerful missiles and bullets. My suggestion to the war thunder development team would be to remove maps that have little cover for us to hide behind and add more elevation (hills/mountains or buildings) based maps to the rotation of Heli PvE. This way, people that have just purchased a low tier helicopter can still enjoy the game mode without needing a top tier helicopter with long range missiles to kill all the threats. Using cover effectively should ensure longevity of the new player and make sure they play the game mode again and again. An easy solution because the devs are pre-occupied dealing with the 2023 roadmap at this time.

whoops I didn’t realize I put this in the wrong forum, this is my first time creating a post

Heli PvE feels absolutely miserable as a game mode, you spend 5 minutes flying to a convoy only to be blasted out the sky by a bot before you can even get within firing range of them despite your evasive manoeuvres. Making the maps 1/10th the size would be a start.

At least with the PvP version i was actually losing to living human beings.

I’m sorry but you want me to spend 5 minutes getting to 500m away from these guys hover there and rocket them?
Are they deliberately trying to make the game mode as unfun as possible, I didn’t realise they hadn’t changed it at all since it’s inception?

The most fun I had was agreeing with the rest of the lobby how comically bad the game mode was.
I do not understand the incentive to make the game mode so miserable, there’s a very simple game called Heliborne which is actually fun.

It’s a 3 hour match timer, and nearly everyone has left LONG before then. Do Gaijin not realise how bad this is, no wonder I don’t see much complaints about this game mode, people can’t stand it long enough to even think about.

The entire purpose of playing that game mode is “Oh I don’t have ATGMs so I can’t viably use this in ground, I’ll spend some time here” but the entire game mode is unplayable for anyone without ATGMs


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Quite possibly. In PvE there is no need for insanely OP flak, as it’s not needed to protect players on airfields or to protect targets for each side. Some defences are necessary to make the mode a challenge, but currently players keep getting swatted out of the sky. When the mode was PvP and there was a requirement for good airfield defence, the defensive flak was pathetic, so that those who had bought a premium could sit over enemy bases and mindlessly click on spawning helicopters. Seems the flak is tuned to be as frustrating as possible for the average player.