Improved Baz is a cruel joke as of currently, and needs some domestic additions (as well as many other Israeli aircraft)

Now Ayit, Kurnass 2000 and Barak II lack domestic israel PGM ?

I don’t think the Baz Meshupar had any targeting pod support, only the F-15I has targeting pod support. All of the weapons I mentioned (with the exception of Lizard LGBs) in my post should still be perfectly compatible as they have their standalone seeker.

With that said, many aircraft ingame use a wrong LITENING pod. The JAS39 (all variants) and Brazilian AMX should get LITENING III, F-16D Barak II should get either LITENING III or LITENING V (the best one), the German Tornado IDS should have access to LITENING III (that one actually used LITENING II IRL but upgraded to LITENING III later in service), and the Italian AV-8B should have access to LITENING AT Block 0 (similarly to the Tornado case, it used LITENING II IRL but upgraded later in life). It annoys me how Israel is stuck with an outdated targeting pod while they are the makers of the LITENING pods.

I hope that when the F-15I and F-16I come, they will get their respective LITENING III and LITENING C4.


I said it before as well. A LOT of Israeli aircraft are lacking domestic PGMs and there are a lot of domestic PGMs.

In fact, the Popeye AGM is the Kurnass 2000’s flagship weapon! There’s also the Tadmit guided bomb which was the IDF/AF’s “do you have something to eat in the meanwhile” as the Popeye was developed.


Italian Navy AV-8B Plus from italy tech tree equipped Litening AT like F/A-18D Hornet (USMC), F/A-18C MLU 2 (FIN), F-16C Block 30 (ANG) and A-10C (USAF) ?

JAS39 Gripen C & Gripen E access Litening III and later in service change to Litening 5

F-15I Ra’am and F-16I Sufa equipped LANTIRN AN/AAQ-13 navigation pod but not sure upgraded targeting pod to Rafael Litening ?

But AMX A-11 in italy tech tree equipped Litening II or Litening III ?

I predict that gajin would be ready domestic israel PGM fir third major update or fourth major update but not this month

F-16D Barak II with I-Derby ER, Python 5, SPICE 250 on quad rack, LITENING V, and SPICE 1000


also i doubt they would add the spice 250 since it would be overpowered to all hell

Yea we ain’t seeing SPICE 250 (let alone SPICE 250 ER) anytime soon, but SPICE 2000 and SPICE 1000 should’ve been added a while ago.


Is the glide range of the Spice body better than that of our current GBUs?

Hmm, SPICE 2000 is either on par or at least not better than anything existing ingame as it is just a fat 2000lb bomb with 4 flight stabilizers, but SPCIE 1000 has folded wings so that one might be too good for now.

With that said, if Gaijin decides SPICE bombs altogether are too advanced for some reason (no reason), then just give Israeli aircraft the Opher IIR guidance kit for dumb bombs.

I really like all of those discussions about how spice bombs would fit in to current game balance, while ussr already have Kh-38 missiles. Played SM3 just to laugh on poor ussr players, whos complaining about its weaknesses. Got 52 K/D. All of my suggestions about balancing this aircraft got denied by pre-moderation on both russian and english forums for joke reasons.

Yeah guys, spice 250er would be definetely too much vs pantsir users. They havnt figured out how to fight as.11 yet.

  1. This is a pure guess but it should be comparible to the gbu-24
  2. the range is more limited by the laser range and the targeting pod.

image of both spice 1000 and 2000 for reference

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It’s a perfect aircraft for the Python-4 and the new CAS ordinance, yet it doesn’t have it in game, how saddening

It would need a BR bump or the American one would also need a weapons buff, American 15C is already worse than the Japan and Israeli ones because gaijin wants it to be worse, and giving the python 4 and modern a2g would make the gap in performance even worse.

Sorry, this photo it’s F-16D Block 40 Barak or F-16I Sufa ?

Hopefully gaijin implemented add SPICE 2000, GBU-31(V)1/B JDAM, Python 4 (replace AIM-9M & AIM-7M) and change new targeting pod instead Litening II for third major update

Gaijin already added aerial munitions from 2015 and an SPAA from 2012 to Russia.
Yet Israel can’t even receive a missile and an SPAA from 1991.

Gaijin cannot invoke any argument based on modernity. Israel is just meant to be fodder in this game. I’ve already started my USSR grind and it’s so much better.


mate in what the israeli F-15C is better than the american one?, because is literally a damn copy paste of the american MSIP II, i see no difference than just the camouflage. PS: if you are refering to better just for having a more manouvrable AIM-9L A.K.A Python-3 you are wrong son because the Python-3 does not cut anymore in top tier it can be flared easy like the R-60s. with no doubt i prefer the 9M over the Python-3 no matter what until they add the Python-4 to the Baz Meshupar missile that should be already there even in a little nerfed state like the AAM-3.

If they gave it the python 4 it would make it better than the US F-15C so either the US one gets a buff, the Israeli one gets a BR bump, or they just don’t add it.

they dont need to bump the BR for the Baz Meshupar, the F-15J (M) is already the best F-15C with in my opinion the Best IR missile and the second best ARH missile the AAM-4 soo… and its 13.0 because japan suffers you know…

Aren’t they all 13.0? Anyways, IF the baz meshupar got python 4 that would make a BR increase justified. F-15J also needs to go up as well, or they buff the US one and all stay at 13.0

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