Improved Baz is a cruel joke as of currently, and needs some domestic additions (as well as many other Israeli aircraft)

The I-Derby ER is not represented ingame, nor was it the one me or him were talking about. Why are you bringing it up? Did you reply to the wrong message? Bit confused…

I said “The one he used to prove you is “I-derby” not the “derby that in the game””

also i can’t find any picture or article saying F-15 Improve Baz can equip with Derby from what i research by myself

US aid money is the reason why the Israeli tech tree exists. And our stuff isn’t garbage either.

Also what are the differences between IA and EX eagles?

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@ofekk213 is there any info on targeting pod for Baz Meshupar? Maybe it is possible to make a support ticket about its air-to-ground capabilities with sources? Even having GBU-8 + TGP would be something for this jet.

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There is no mention of the F-15 in the I-Derby brochure.

I-Derby light weight enables its adaptation to various modern fighter aircraft, including light aircraft, such as F-5, Mirage and F-16.


On the new I-Derby-ER they do mention the F-15. Though on the SkySting they don’t post a brochure anymore, just an interactive webpage.

I don’t think it matters though. The Yak-141 was added with certain munitions with the explanation that Russia intended it to have them. That’s not the whole picture though. Gaijin can be really flexible with how it implements things. There’s no real standard. So if they want the F-15 to have Derbys, it will. And if it doesn’t get them, it’s because Gaijin don’t want them to. Simple as that.

I don’t trust Gaijin to ever look at suggestions, bug reports and historical reports. I have a few bug reports that are so incredibly easy to fix, which Gaijin hasn’t even touched in years.

And to do that, we need at least a reference to how they are mounted.

There is no idea how the I-Derby is supposed to be mounted on the pylons on the F-15.

First of all, do any pictures exist of the I-Derby mounted on the fuselage pylons, LAU-106, and are they even compatible?

Then we have to assume that the only option left to us is that it can be mounted on the wing pylons using the LAU-7 launcher, the same as the previous Python series.

If so, that would mean we would only be able to use 4 Derbys instead of the maximum of 8.

Yak-141 proves that electronic integration is unnecessary, only mechanical.
As far as I’m aware, the Derby uses the same external construction as the Python series (IIRC 160mm tube), with unique control surfaces and a radome.
Is that a sufficient case?

(This assumption is based on Rafael’s article on the original Derby).

Please do not mention Yak-141 any further in this discussion, the Yak-141 in the game is intentionally implemented assuming a completed model.

Also, it is well known what pylons and missiles the Yak-141 will use, so it is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

This means that Derby cannot be mounted on the fuselage pylons, the same as Python missiles cannot be mounted on the LAU-106 pylons.

This means that there are only 4 Derbys on the wings.

Also, the only mention of the F-15 is in the brochure for Derby ER, not Derby, so this is also a problem, since there is a Derby in the game, not a Derby ER.

So, why not let the F-16D get AIM120, but use a worse derby?
Let me analyse: Suppose it is because of the balance of the game. Compared with Block52, F16D has worse manoeuvrability, worse ground hitting ability and worse Fox3. And the Japanese F-15 has acquired two kinds of FOX3 (AIM120/AAM4), so what is the reason why F16D cannot obtain AIM120?


If my memory serves me right (might be a bit foggy):

Because the current iteration in game never used them. Pretty much the whole reason the derby was created.


Indian Air Force to Replace Russian-made R-77 Missile With Israeli I-Derby ER – Global Defense Corp

(I-Derby ER)

the 3 versions of the Derby are the same missile, same external construction, same radome, same control surfaces, same diameter, same length, the only thing that it changed from the normal Derby to the I-Derby and Derby ER is the seeker head, the missile electronics, and in the case of the I-Derby ER the propelant and the rocket motor too giving it more action range, the 3 versions of the Derby can be mounted on the wings of an israeli F-15 Baz Meshupar and Ra´am, the Derby missiles uses the same Pylons that the Python-4 uses soo… this automatically proves that the Derby can be mounted in that Pylon too to be used. examples:
Dispute threatens Python deal | News | Flight Global
this is the wing of an F-15C Baz Meshupar with Python-4s (LAU-7 launcher)

Derby missile mounted on the wing of a Kfir with the LAU-7 Launcher. (same Pylon that the Python series uses)

same F-15C Baz Meshupar that we have in game, 2 Python-4s mounted in the wing (LAU-7 launcher), the Derby can be used here too… what is my point here, all the Python and Derby series are universally compatible with american Pylons because the rafael engineers wanted that and even the israeli missiles are compatible with russian pylons too. for example the Indian SU-30MKI got armed with Derbys and Python missiles who can expect that? no one haha.
soo… my veredict here is that the F-15C Baz Meshupar that we have in the game, should be able to use 4 Derby Missiles on its wings, we can have a similar loadout distribution like the japanese F-15C have, the Baz Meshupar should have the option to carry 4 Derbys 2 per wing and the loadout of 4 AMRAAM in the fuselage.


PS: i hope that you send this to the devs because this is totally possible and correct, and i hope that the devs adds the Derby to the Baz Meshupar because it would become a more unique F-15 like the japanese one.


Can be used in Sim and why not give all aircraft all their munitions?

So many aircraft are missing hundreds of different AG munitions specifically which seems very lacking compared to other games.

Can the Baz Meshupar carry AGM-65s?

Is there proof that the Baz Meshupar (improved Baz) used the regular derby missile? I never saw any source on it, at least on the English internet.

if you mean photo?, no, but its technically possible since all the Python series uses the LAU-7 Launcher, and the Derby series are compatible with LAU-7 Launcher too soo…, we dont need a photo for that, actually we dont have any evidence (pic or video) that the Baz Meshupar uses AMRAAM in the wings and here we are, its the same thing with the Derby, the missile can be mounted and used there because its technically possible like the AMRAAM. thats why i insist in a 4 Derby loadout 2 per wing for the Baz Meshupar.

Israel never bought and never deployed AGM-65 Maverick on 4th generation fighter aircraft

F-15C/D Baz Meshupar and F-15I Ra’am armed domestic israel PGM

Uhhh, yes they did. It just was not widely used.

It is indeed very unlikely that modern Israeli aircraft use AGM-65, but older ones like the Netz, Kurnass 2000 and Ayit used them.


It didn’t stop Gaijin from mounting the Python 3s wrong on the Kurnass 2000. I bug-reported the issue ages ago.

IRL the Python 3 pylons had them much further away from the pylon base, and they were slightly angled, which allowed installation of bigger bombs under the base pylon while Python 3s are used which isn’t the case ingame.

Honestly, I’d be fine with this.


F-16C/D Barak never armed AIM-120.

F-15C/D Baz Meshupar, F-15I Ra’am and F-16I carry AIM-120B & AIM-120C AMRAAM