Improved Baz is a cruel joke as of currently, and needs some domestic additions (as well as many other Israeli aircraft)

Baz Meshupar has an entirely different cockpit than the MSIP II, to support all of the system Israel gave it.

Air to Ground weaponry is different (popeye, SPICE)
Air to Air is different (Python 3 and 4)
Targeting pods, EW, Radar.
Its truly a shame the potential it has, and what we get in the end is a copy, straight damn copy.


If they gave the US a better 15C upgrade date (idk how to explain what I mean by that) it could work but it be super unbalanced and unfair if Israel just got a better f15 than US at same BR

i wouldnt mind it being 13.3 really, i just want it to be the way it actually is. US has tons of vehicles to add (understandably so) but i think there should be more emphasis on the actual capabilities of new vehicles, like whats the point in adding it…


I agree 100% that stuff should be allowed to get it’s full capabilities, however sometimes it’s better to have a delay to keep the game more playable like how F-16C got and probably will get some more stuff over time so it won’t be too broken but also will stay relevant.

No. ;-;

Aerodynamic range-wise, absolutely. SPICE 2000 might have a tiny bit better aerodynamic range as it has a more modern fins design, but they should be more or less the same.

SPICE bombs use either a TV seeker or an IIR (Imaging Infra Red) seeker, not a laser seeker. Their seekers are very modern and should be able to track moving targets even from 10km or more, but it’s not like this capability is unheard of ingame as the Kh-38 and Kh-29TE both have a moving target lock range much larger than that (hell, the Kh-29T can lock moving targets around 9km!).

F-16D-40 Barak II. The F-16I Sufa has very noticeable CFTs and some antenna/sensors on the nose.

Shameless F-16I photobomb


The F-16I has MUCH stronger wings than any other F-16, it’s a tactical bomber. Here an image of the F-16I carrying 4 SPICE 2000s.

Kh-29TE has same moving target lock range as Kh-29T

F-16I Sufa can installed & uninstalled CFTs on modification like F-15C Baz Meshupar and F-15I Ra’am. but CFT on F-16I Sufa unlike F-15C Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle series

F-16C/D Block 30 & 40 Barak none CFT

F-16I Sufa great close air support (CAS) and ground attack in ground RB & ground SB

You have this book ?


good thats it’s tv/iir then but it might be blocked by targetting pod range sadly (thx gaijin for not adding more range to the targeting pod)

Wdym no

Wait, does it have MAW?

Boeing say new F-15IA has Derby integration. The use of the word “derby” implies Derby integration carries on between Derby variants.

tbf don’t all derbies use the same attachment system