Improve the bombing base system

Why not implement a new points system where the game rewards you with more points when an enemy is attacking the bases?

all my games with the Su25t are literally not bombing because the allies destroy all the bases and as soon as they recover the game ends.

I would also like to add that the bombs don’t explode due to failures.

They should change the base bombing system in common. I love playing and grinding with the Tornado, but I rarely get a single base when I get uptiered (which is in 90% of cases). So please goddamn, add more bases or make a faster base recovery

Another option you can do is to change the amount of points you get for bombing using rockets.

What you all say is basically this: Make grind easier. And Gaijin is usually in no mood to do that.

Gaijin adds Strike aircraft, then gets surprised when people want to grind their strike aircraft. 🤔

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No, it is the people that are surprised that Gaijin doesn’t make it easier. They can grind it just fine, at least I could.