Impossible to play 10.3 arcade because of phantom and mig-23 premium spam

hello maybe it’s time to move premium phantoms and mig-23’s to 11.3 in arcade mode? Impossible to grind because of constant 11.0 matches with su-25k because it’s in 10.3 arcade like lol? Like this thing is already doesn’t suffer 2 missiles but has to fight jets who has 4-6 missiles who can just literally spam those consider it gaijin.

the su25 was the most P2W trash on AB for a very long time, it fought against 9.0 planes that had neither rockets nor flares, you could do almost whatever you wanted with it and few people could threaten you. Such is life, now it goes the other way. l2p

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The Su-25 should struggle against Phantoms… It is a strike aircraft after all. But for real, complain to someone who cares because the Su-25 dumps on 9.0s that can’t even flare. It is probably the worse premium aircraft in terms of sheer imbalance in game.

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Yea all the 10.0 all aspect carriers make planes which would otherwise be amazing suffer (ie J-35D/A, MiG-19, Lightnings, etc) and the decompression of 4.7-8.0 is making this problem even worse