Impossible to grind event due to packet loss/server issues

I have been constantly getting teleported into the ground in air battles and kicked out of naval matches since the beginning of the event. How can I grind the event when the servers won’t let me. I have been teleported into the ground when having less than 20% packet loss numerous times resulting in many many crew locks because of the servers. Please fix the servers since I get the same result on all servers. It makes me feel like gaijin is trying to force me to buy the event tasks out instead of grinding them since I can’t grind with the amount of issues it is causing


I am even having trouble loading the forums most of the time. It took 5 minutes to load anything.

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It’s been really bad lately.

Flying my Gripen, forced into the ground by 26% Packet loss. This isn’t funny

Still getting possessed by packet loss

Still getting controlled by the packet loss which forces my plane to go either up or down which results in my death to radar missiles or the ground

Counted the amount of packet loss related deaths I saw today, stopped counting after 100(both my own and others)

Killed numerous times again today due to packet loss preventing me from flaring or forcing my plane into the ground again

Forced to give up on getting the naval event reward since the server just kicks me and everyone else out of every match

Just got rubberbanded in my Gripen, both my wings got removed

Killed by 10% packet loss teleporting my plane downwards again

Killed by 14% packet loss this time. Ping was 100

I feel like this might be your internet. I have had no trouble like this, not on forums and just minor packet loss every now and then.

I’m not experiencing this and i’m playing at the same time, right now.

Killed by 80 ping and 4% Packet loss just now

Literally teleported into a mountain

I get kicked out of every match I do in naval and almost every match in air I have died due to some form of packet loss. Even planes on the enemy team have failed to render before due to it resulting in a death by invisible jet

Have you considered calling your isp? This has not happening to me which signals an issue on your side instead of a server side issue.

My ISP says nothing is wrong on their end.

Well it might be something in your pc or router then

You should have seen the last match I had, 50% of both teams died mid game by suddenly crashing into the ground. Killed by packet loss. So it isn’t just me experiencing this. Even my squad mates died to packet loss