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Sorry, but this is so dumb. people are review bombing the game again on steam because of the sales. sorry but its up to gaijin to whether to put on sale or not. you have taken this so far and this is so childish. as you demand everything by doing this dumb act


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People having a tantrum because the sale vehicles are on tech trees that have lower player populations.


They broke their own precedent, during their largest sale of the year, and a single CM gave a lackluster non-answer that was, for the most part, factually wrong. But sure, you’re right. Gaijin absolutely reserves the right to dictate their sales. And players have every right to respond to them as they please. Like people have said; you don’t have to spend money if you don’t like what is going on sale and you absolutely don’t have to review bomb as well if you don’t like the reaction. Poor community relations are a staple with this developer. People will communicate the best or few ways they have.


There are dozens of ways to communicate… how many more do they need exactly ?

Review bombing is never a form of communication… This Forum and Feedback is however, and it is far more constructive


sorry to break it to you but, this forum is utter garbage nothing more

Review bombing proved to be the only way to reach Gaijin so ppl will do it again…thats however Gaijins fault.
Dont hate the player, hate the game.


thats not true whatsoever…

Feedback is always taken from here or other sites and passed to the Developers… Staff always Communicate with the community in the Feedback Threads…


Do you have a statement Wich states it is because of the sale?

Theres a plethora of things why people might want to damage the company.


I respectfully disagree. Review bombing absolutely is a resource for a player base to use when it feels like the developer isn’t listening. Or have nullified a majority of every other type of communication. For example; Gaijin’s moderation on official news posts published on the main page. And there are many posts on the forum that have never received a response from Gaijin. Has Gaijin issued an official statement regarding the community backlash on the anniversary sale?


This community proves day after day that they are petulant little children who will throw a temper tantrum the very first chance they get.


Or they are the type to throw a tantrum when players are trying to make their voices heard on a point of frustration, to a developer who has a history of poor communication. Column A or column B it would seem. Just because something doesn’t seem to bother you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother others.


You lost the moral high ground when gaijin got DDOSed.

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War thunder is a game that is played over the long term. It turns out that the balance pattern was suddenly changed, which destabilized the players. Especially with the operation of sales (first the vehicles in GE in game and then those from the store) it is customary to take a vehicle in GE and complete it with that of the store to have a line-up at 2 vehicles.
What’s more, what went wrong is that it is among the most popular vehicles which have not been on sale when all the “meh” vehicles have been (even if very good ones are on sale too).

Now it is clear that the sales and their choice is in no way an obligation on the part of Gaijin but firstly they know their players well as well as their expectations and what’s more they had announced big sales after the not so great one this summer ( I don’t know exactly anymore).

Gaijin has repeatedly shown that they no longer care about the players but only about their income, increasingly nerfing in-game income etc. It took a big intervention from the community (and mostly the Chinese one, they thanked them, without them nothing would have changed) for this to change whereas if Gaijin cared a little about the players’ pleasure these problems would never even have arisen. exist.

We are getting closer and closer to Activision-style management where the company takes its players (and customers) for pigeons. However, let us remember that War Thunder remains a niche game and that it owes its position mainly to its monopoly situation (WoT and Armored Warfare being purely arcade).

So it would be good practice to have respect (from Gaijin) towards his community.


While you’re in a listening mood… XD


Not trying to claim a moral high-ground. This isn’t really a “good vs. evil” kind of situation so that seems irrelevant. And nowhere did I make an attempt to such a claim. As stated, some players are frustrated and they are trying to voice said frustration in the ways they think is best to a developer who does not have the best track record for responding to the community.

Think of this way: low long did it take them to finally respond to players bringing up how bad the game economy was? Years. For years players brought forth an issue regarding probably the single most important mechanic of their game to their attention. And it wasn’t until the review bombing AND news publications finally catching wind that they decided to respond. And their first official response was for the creative director telling the broader player base they don’t know how F2P games work in the most tone-deaf fashion.

You don’t have to agree with them, but they should be able to voice frustration. You lose nothing with people trying to get their frustration heard.

Do u know it was the Players that DDOSed Gaijin because of poor sale choices or could it be other groups that try to dysrupt events like many times befor.


Sounds like you partook in the Ddosing.

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Nice accusation u got going there.
No i did not i couldnt care less about the sale as i already have most of the stuff and dont really need more.
So again nice bait that i dont take.


You’re whining about a few hundred reviews no one would have cared about if it wasn’t for the constant whining about a few hundred reviews.
There are 560,760 reviews, there’s a 1000 negative reviews in the last 2 days, for which 200 are standard every day so not even about 800 reviews.

Review bombing is quite literally the only proven thing to get Gaijin to make changes, and quite frankly how incompetent do you have to be to mess up sales? People are literally foaming at the mouth to throw money at you and you still somehow mess it up, it’s insane.

Anyways let people leave their review, it’s their good right.


Review bombing is an excellent form of communication and one Gaijin has shown to respond to, unlike pretty much everything else.

Over a 100,000 people going out of their way to leave more negative reviews than any game had every seen in a day as far as I know is a pretty clear form of communication, you think we’d have this roadmap if we just left those same posts on the forum? Half of them which would magically disappear and the other half that would get flagged by ''the community’’ which totally doesn’t include moderator actions.

It took Overwatch 2 and Blizzards level incompetence and years of disappointing their community to match that.