I'm not one to typically complain here, but I have a serious bone to pick with the Balance of this game

I’ll try to keep this short and constructive, but this is ridiculous. Russia’s top tier win rate is seemingly only increasing and as I play more and more, I only come to one question.

Why is Russian Armor better despite their tanks being lighter?

Sure, being smaller helps to save weight, but not as much as it’s aiding Russian Tanks in game.

As such, I’ve collected a group of screenshots involving NATO tanks receiving 3BM60 to the front roughly where I think the height of a T-80 is as well as the T-80BVM (without armor package because I don’t have it) receiving hits from all other nations aside from Japan and China. China pairs with Russia the most from my experience and Japan doesn’t really have armor even in real life.

My goal with this is to show the inequality at top tier in another light.

Versus the T-80 below.

Not only does the T-80 have fewer weak points frontally than other nations, but it’s also a smaller and faster target than nearly every other tank at top tier. A penetration on a NATO tank usually results in a kill or 2 crewmember kills, however, when it comes to the T series, even DM53 hitting the T-80’s weak points can often only kill one crewmember or take the breech. With lower plate shots, you can often kill the driver, but a fuel explosion is not guaranteed to happen. Even when an explosion does occur, it often does not kill any crew. Even a shell placed into the carousel doesn’t always guarantee an ammo-rack even when it breaks ammunition.

As I said previously, I’d like this to be constructive. As such, I ask that Gaijin reevaluate the balance at top tier. My suggestions are to either buff Western Composite quality or improve the overall lineup for each nation. Nations like Israel don’t even have a top tier SAM system, IFV, or Light tank line yet.

That will be all. Please take my post into consideration. I want to see this game thrive, but it frustrates me seeing the imbalance at ground top tier.


Real easy way to resolve this would be remove the Russian toptier round, or tone it down. Or given NATO armour better rounds. Or just model NATO armour with some level of sanity*

*See Chally 2 and/or Leclerc


We all know it, we all see it, but people still pretend bias isn’t a thing.


the Ariete is just modeled so bad that it weights more than it should based on the ingame representation

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The only problem with Russian tanks is the modeling of fuel tanks absorbing 100% of spalling.

Gaijin has failed to implement spall liners on NATO tanks making penetrating rounds almost always one shot kill.

This is unrealistic and makes top tier more Call of Duty rather than a tank game as the only shot that is rewarded is the snap shot, not something carefully placed to target specific crew members / modules.

If Gaijin is unwilling to model spall liners then the ability for fuel tanks to absorb spall must be removed entirely.


And now players are spam reporting lol Had 10 reports in 2 hours of play yesterday lol

you can already see that the M1 or leo2a5/6 strvg122 etc. is denied their actually used ammunition, that something is wrong here.


Yes, without forgetting the relikt which can 1/2 absorb all the shells in the game

Exact. The best solution is to remove the spall liner from the game. It would also be necessary to remove the mechanics of the Relikt + fuel tanks, which would solve a big problem on the Russian side.

Just good ole’ Russian Bias…

Has to be a game where Ivan hardware is the best because we all know that IRL Ivan hardware is absolute dogwater.

all people do is scream russian bias. just shoot properly and you wont have issues lol. never had any issues fighting top tier russia. sure you get the odd bullshit moment, but you face that with every tank you come across and denying that is just people trying to make themselves feel better

This isn’t about having to aim. I am okay with Russian armor being good as long as Russians have to do the same to NATO tanks back.

Take the Challenger and Merkava 4 for instance. These tanks are some of the heaviest in game with the Merkava’s armor layout being arguably the best out of every tank in game, yet DM33 and 3BM42 can punch through the front and out the back reliably. This shouldn’t be possible.

The Challenger is the heaviest tank in game, yet I’ve had DM33 rip right through its turret cheeks. It just isn’t right.

And I have played Russia, I own the T-90M, and I’ve noticed just how much easier it is on average during a fight.

I’m not screaming Russian Bias; I’m simply pointing out an issue that needs fixed.

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having to aim versus not having to aim

which is easier

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The best solution is to properly model NERA so it absorbs some of the spalling from the round instead of treating it like RHA.

This would overnight resolve 90% of War Thunder’s ground balance issues.

You don’t need specific numbers you just need percentage spalling reduction based on total NERA penetrated versus round penetration.

You have to understand as well that a lot of US players don’t know how to play the game cause they just spend $70 on a tank then get to top tier then they get trashed on by Russian and German players with 1k in hours. which is why the win rate is so high.

Also to add onto that. I mostly main Italy and Germany but I ended up getting a wolfpack and every game I have no issues killing Russian vehicles. It comes down to knowing where to shoot and when to shoot.
The only issue I see in ground battles is the BR compression and players not playing SPAA to take out CAS.

10.3 with 500 pen lol

Do you understand how inane it is to compare that to the M1’s 372mm pen?

BR compression is a major issue

CAS is not countered by SPAA, SPAA can not prevent CAS from dropping their payload except at top tier, even then planes can drop to the deck and avoid detection until being over the battlefield.

I mean, I have a Leopard 2A4 and still have no issues with killing them with DM13 rounds. Also that goes to show that US has vehicles to kill Russian MBTs.

Experienced players play better than inexperienced players.

US and Russia win rates are abysmal currently. Germany’s are functional. Why is this? Top tier Germany has little going for it besides the Leo 2A7, is this the reason it does so well compared to the other two? What other nation is doing so well with a similar vehicle? Sweden. Practical copies of the vehicle and a superb win rate. The only other nations in comparison are minor nations which have much more experienced players.

How do you balance War Thunder when players have different skill? You don’t look at player skill to balance vehicles. Doing so would be asinine and cause severe imbalance with flavor of the month. I couldn’t possibly imagine what Gaijin does.