I'm kind of stuck on what to grind and need help,

Hi there! I am currently playing Japanese air, and was wondering if I should stick to it (I want the F-16AJ and F-4EJ Kai), or if I should go for Britain, as I want both Tornados. For Japan, I am researching the F-86F-40 Sabre, and Britain I am researching the Tornado GR.1, I want the F-16AJ more, but don’t know if the tech tree is going to be worth it. Any suggestions?

Go for Japan now since the AJ and EJ Kai are really fun compared to top tier Britain air rn. Britain should be getting it’s new top tier in December which would help motivate you to grind when that time comes.

Only problem with the AJ is that I feel like it might be removed before I can get it, which would really piss me off, as I spent all that time trying to get something for it to be gone, I also don’t have any F-16s, and have never flown any fourth gen fighters before and don’t know how they work. I have at least got experience in Tornados, which I can use.

Another thing is that I don’t know if the F-16 is good in sim or not, which is my favourite gamemode

I highly doubt they would remove it, and if they it would be quite a long time from now.

Since Sim is your favorite mode then I would encourage the AJ even more. The amount of visibility you get out of the cockpit is straight up amazing. Nothing comes close to it in game.

I thought they were set to remove the R2Y2 weren’t they? And that was because it was partially a fake vehicle, the AJ is worse than that, with it being nearly a figment of your imagination, I’d expect they’d remove it when F-15J comes to Japan, which I would pick to be end of year/start of next year.

Alright thanks for the help, I need all the tips I can get XD

Only if they could find a suitable replacement. Historicaly the only time they have removed vehicles are the Panther 2 and 105mm Tiger 2. Even in that case, as long as you had 1rp in them by their removal, you could continue to research / purchase. Japan is in a far worst state when vehicles options are concerned; it would take a lot for them to remove the AJ at this point.

Yeah that is true, but I feel like even though the F-15 isn’t a replacement, it’s actually a viable introduction instead of the F-16. When the F-15J comes in I reckon it’ll pretty much end the F-16AJ, with the R2Y2 I’m not sure what’s happening with them, I’ve seen a few people talking about their removal, they could be replaced by a 262 (Was planned to be shipped to Japan, like their Tiger, but was sunk)

There is also a few premiums that have been removed, such as the A6M5 Ko (Funnily that’s what I’ve been grinding Japan with), YP-38, MiG-21 SPS-K, Lightning F.53, and those weren’t for any particular reason afaik. All factors kind of point to AJ being removable.

Yeah. That is true, except I’m still in rank V for Japan, I need to research the F-86F-40 or R2Y2 V1 before being able to even research the F-104 or T-2. It will take me a long time to be able to research the F-16AJ, as I can only get on on weekends, and spend most of my weekends with someone else rather than playing war thunder, I’m just worried all that time spend will be for nothing

Also would you recommend me researching the F-104 before or after the T-2?

Yeah, that’s true, only country being treated worse than Japan is Britain, they (along with Sweden) don’t have any fourth gen fighter jets. And pretty much no competitive jets.