I'm having trouble playing the 29SMT stock. For any 29SMT enjoyers, how did you get past the first row or 2 of mods before you had an adequate missile load? Go for AI or just pray you can get kills with 2 missiles?

I’m just talking about general playstyle. Do you go for AI with these jets early on or do you just play very ineffectively as a fighter for a while until you struggle to get enough RP? Idk if I should be bombing, going for AI, or just playing half fighter. Also, any advice in general for the 29SMT would be appreciated, thanks.

every start of upgrades is painful, it is worth doing napalm and flying to the bases, and then doing at least 1 frag. Until you get the equipment to be able to fight

scheme for use on most aircraft

Just ROFL This is priceless lol just pray to get two kills with two missiles sure not asking for much are you … Mig is fine suffer like everyone else grinding

Very respectful reply…You definitely read the prompt…

The problem is lacking the ability to consistently perform “useful actions” because you only get 2 missiles, as good as R-73s are, and the jet itself has very bad flight performance compared to pretty much anything short of a Tornado *at its BR) at the moment… slight exaggeration but not by that much.

I asked if people do different tactics for these early game grinds with a jet like this or do they just hope they can score kills.

Did I say otherwise?

Yes if you cant kill people kill ai or die and get 135 rp once its ground enjoy ir missiles better than everyone else and SARH missiles that hit people 50ft off the deck but you will still prob cry why its flight model dont dominate the Viper like every other Mig player

thats literaly skill issue, the normal mig 29 only starts with 2 r60ms as well and has one of the easiest grinds as top tier in the game and the smt is even easier since it starts wit r73s

You can’t read and you’re not even talking about the same thing the thread is talking about.

The thread is asking for advice, thanks for spamming the thread with this useless turd of a comment tho

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Pick your targets and stay defensive. Wait for the initial clash to subside. Mig-29SMT outclasses anything below 12.0. Potentially easy gun kills vs anything below 11.7. 2x R-73s for higher targets, Guns for lower. Bombs or rockets I assume are a fairly early unlock, so slap them on, so try and dump on bases or ground targets for extra RP. Pick up Ai kills if one presents itself.

After that, just stick with the grind. No vehicle in game is playable until mostly spaded and grind sucks. Spaded the Jaguar Gr1 fairly recently. That is gun only till rank 2 mods. I gave up after 3 matches and dumped some GE into it.

Play it in ground RB , kill CAS

Not stock tho, which is what I was asking.

I’ve had these get flared/miss a lot so I’m still learning where they should be used and where they shouldn’t be. The other issue is only getting two of them but yeah.

Yeah so that’s basically what I was asking. I never do this really but I’m becoming more and more open minded to simply playing as a RP farmer until I’m close to spaded in many of my jets. If I try to play as a fighter but don’t get in a situation where I can get kills, I get 0rp. If I just go for ground targets every game I’ll get consistently decent RP.

I was basically asking if that’s the way to go here or not. Thanks for your addition.

Too low of rewards or I’d probably be doing that

Depends on the target I guess. I know if I was in the Tornado F3 I wouldnt want to come with 10km of a SMT, even if I knew it was stock. But I guess some things maybe a threat. Gr7 might be a hard target if it was played smart.

No harm in running some ground attack weapons on a multirole even when spaded. Worse case scenario, you dump them to save weight in a fight. 50% of the reason why I want something other than the F3 for SB is because pure A2A sucks for generating any SL/RP in that. The most effecient method is always both. Side flank, dump bombs on a base, swing back round hunting for targets. the initial clash should be over and you can see if you can locate some easy prey. Su-25s for example.

I am by no means encouraging using SIM just for grinding as it can be fun there too. Sometimes I find though flying in SIM without labels everywhere allows me to grind out a few unlocks by going after ai targets.

If you don’t have a joystick the modern mousejoy is really quite easy to get the hang of, you won’t be winning any dogfights against people with hotas/trackir/VR headsets etc, you will be intercepted from time to time but in terms of grinding out modules, i find it more stress-free and easier too be honest.

Not a bad shout. I play a lot of SB because ARB is trash. but you can generate a fair amount of consistant SL/RP from ground pounding in SB. Especially with a combo of CCRP and some smart play. Probably even more than a few kills if you dont bite off more than you can chew. Definetly my prefered method for grinding anything air related. Though also my prefered method of playing air, so doesnt really feel like exploiting anything

I don’t enjoy flying sim without a stick. I just don’t like being at a massive disadvantage and then bullied by the experienced players while I’m flying with a virtual stick and WASDQE. @Morvran

Fair, I do fly with a stick and im almost to the point where I feel like a fish out of water flying without a stick in the third person on the rare times I do play ARB. But if push comes to shove and you get really stuck. Could be an alternative to keep in mind.

Fair, like I said you won’t be winning any dogfights against actual Sim players but I have shot down a few. I make it to bomber intercepts, or ground targets or a base fairly regularly without being shot down.

It’s easier and less frustrating than competing with the horde of bot bombers/other people competing for the base/ground target / ai plane. And you often die in RB from missiles long before you get a chance to do something so there is that.