IL-2 (1942) 50 kg bomb loadout bugged

I have come to report something rather odd of the IL-2 (1942) variant found in USSR tech tree, it has a 650 kg weight limit when customizing the loadout

  1. The 50 Kg Preset loadout of total 17x 50 kg bombs has a weight limit that exceeds the max of 650 kg custom loadout
  2. and for some reason the loadout isn’t evenly divided like the 25 kg bombs (6 on left 6 on right)

    So im curious to see this fixed and changed, maybe the IL-2 1942 now gets a 850kg customization limit or the 50 kg bomb gets reduced.

And i found a third one too
3. when using the 50 kg preset loadout (which surprisingly flies very stable) you can’t drop any of the 50 kg bombs cause it says “payload blocks bomb bay”