IJN Chikugo mounted pods

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What is this pod, and why is it not used?
I’ve noticed this thing sitting on it for the longest time - it has no use since it was implemented.

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It’s an Anti-Submarine missile launcher.

Oke, but why can’t we used it?

Do you see any submarines?

More seriously though,

Its an ASROC launcher, for putting guided torpedos into the water from long distances.

We don’t have guided torpedos ingame yet, or submarines it was designed to target.

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As mentioned by another it’s an ASROC system, Ohh how I wish we could launch W44’s with it as then the repairs would be justified… (nuclear depth charges).

Sidenote, Wrong national prefix that title should be JDS Chikugo (DE-215 Chikugo class Destroyer Escort, JDS : Japanese Defence Ship not IJN: Imperial Japanese Navy which is also an incorrect prefix).

While it would be Ahistorical it would be cool if we could launch them to ships and act like regular torpedos but i know that is not possible.


This is possible, moreover, this is a regular feature of all at least somewhat modern similar anti-submarine missile systems, it just became possible with the adoption of torpedoes capable of hitting surface targets, among other things. Specifically, in the case of Chikugo, this is the Mark 46 mod 5 torpedo. The earlier torpedoes, purely theoretically, could also hit a surface target, it just needs a huge draft of over ~ 15 meters for this.