IFV* wishlist!

Hull of the “Piranha IIIC JCD & Thales 3030 turret” looks quite different from the other 2, are we certain it’s the same one?

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Sorry, I used the wrong file, This one is the one on a Piranha IIIC:

(Notice the Thales 70mm mounting / spikes mounting on the starboard side of the Cockerill 3030 turret)

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The picture in the BeNeLux suggestion is with a Pandur 8x8 model.

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Oh unusual, I thought Belgium only operated the 6x6 version?
I guess this vehicle could just be owned by JCD.

yeah JCD owns Patria AMV, Pandur 8x8/6x6 and Piranha III and V models I believe, they interchange them sometimes during tests.

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i love how you censored french as if its an insult lol

its a crotale SAM copy made by the chinese, its called the FM-80/90
Chinese crotale

Also can be apparently upgraded to around 20 or 30km or range… at least that’s what Pakistan did to their FM-90s

So much for that… still genuinely annoys me that the Dutch are most likely going to France

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Goes to France

sweden also ordered 50 of the same variant just recently

They ordered the MkIIIC, which i don’t think is going to be the same
It’s just a temporary measure to get a few more IFVs to replace the donated ones, at least until they finish designing the new ones which will be used in the future

But denmark was planning to do MLU on their CV90s but supposedly with the D-series turret, which would offer it more protection
Potential premium or event for Sweden i guess

It should be the same as the Dutch order since they are supposed to be produced on the same line

From what i read, it uses the same standard/basis as the CV9035NL MLU but they won’t be fully identical, could perhaps be better, maybe worse

But there’s always a chance i’m misinterpreting :D

look what we got now loser.

BMP-1 (TKB-799)

A BMP refitted with a Kliver turret with a 30mm and four Kornets. Ideally it would be a TT version of the BMP-2M