IFF not working correctly


so i recently started trying sim at around 10.0-11.0 or higher and mostly played mirage f1c-200 and since its pretty impossible for me to tell planes appart i rely on the radar and IFF but its pretty hard to use it since it shows friendliess as enemies like 50% of the time like is this a known thing that happens or?

You are rushing your radar. Let it sweep a couple of times and they will resolve IFF. Also if you are using cyclic switching of radar it will automatically box returns as soon as they pop up. If you immediately lock you will never see it as a friendly. Slow down.

Do not use ACM.
I am not familiar with French planes, but if you are using older tech like Mig - 23, IFF there only works in MTI.

Also like warthogboy09 said, do not rush radar, let it sweep over at least twice. If you see something, use high repetition if you have it available to resolve quicker.

Though I gotta say I had one instance where I was chasing a plane which showed hostile, when I cought up, I locked, fired FOX1 and it was a friendly (Italian F-16) I was in USA F-16C. But that was a month ago.

So that explains why i sometimes lock people in mig23 / F-4 phantom and it turned out to be friendly?


Also be carefull. If two plane are close, iff can be confused and lock the wrong plane.