If you could, how would you re-balance CAS in Ground Battles?

In many peoples opinions, yes the game is actually that broken. As for why not 8 to 12 years ago, for one I have only been playing for 4 or 5 years, and frankly people where raging about CAS when I started playing, so its nothing new. Also fire and forget A2G weapons with 10 to 20 KM ranges are relatively new as are fighters that carry them. CAS with props and sub sonic jets using dumb bombs can be annoying but A) often miss their rockets/ bombs and B) have to actually fly in close enough that you can fight back with you machine guns.
What you need to understand it that most people who play ground ONLY want to drive their tank and could not care less about planes and do not enjoy being a point and click adventure target for somebody sitting at 10 to 15km in the sky that they cannot even see, much less defend themselves against. And the people that do want to fly and dogfight are SHOCKINGLY mostly playing air battle modes where they don’t have fly in circles and hope somebody pulls a plane for them to shoot.
Now unless you have an actual suggestion please stop wasting my time complaining about people trying to float productive ideas on how to improve the game FOR ALL PLAYERS both tankers and pilots!

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You were doing well until you felt the need to be an arsehole at the end.Do you want to amend it 😆

This is the problem with these threads. The anti-CAS lot never actually want to have a conversation


This is true and quite rightly Gaijin largely leave it how it is.

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How many times in this thread did I engage in legitimate conversation? and every time this guy is just “but why nerf CAS” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and oddly enough YOU are the one that suggested that people that don’t want to play planes should be given a plane to combat CAS.
I provide legitimate suggestions for making both cas and ground players happy and:

Even at the end of that rant I said:

Still asking him to PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS, instead of just complaining. If he wants to tell me why CAS should be left the way it is, I’m all ears, but so far he has only asked why it should be changed or falsely accuse my of wanting it removed entirely… if you think it shouldn’t be changed, tell me why not, rather than accuse me of not wanting to talk about it when the whole point of this thread IS TO TALK ABOUT IT.

No. you decided to insult me by accusing me of things I wasn’t saying

PS spell corrected “antagonize” so that not a direct quote (I’m sure I make my own spelling mistakes here, just saying incase any one notices the difference in the quote ant the OP… I just didn’t realize it was his mistake not my dyslexia before I corrected it)
I decided to treat you as the disingenuous troll you where acting like.
Sure I initially asked you to provide examples of the

I could not think of any CAS nerfs of the top of my head so I asked

A bit snarky I’ll admit, but in response I got only:

  1. Rockets where nerfed in 2016
  2. Helis lost the ability to spawn in at the start of the game with ATGMs ( A SP increase in weapon SP more than a nerf)
  3. GBU target capture was reduced
  4. vertical guidance for GBUs was reduced
    I also added the launch window to laser guided ATGMs and the removal of the S130F at spawn to that list
    Now granted I didn’t respond, despite the 6 examples when I only asked for one… that was because @Morvran did a very in-depth answer to your initial question:

I have a few nit picks here and there but its a very good answer and I didn’t feel like I needed to basically restate what he said, with a few little changes here and there. so I just let it go…
Except for one point he later made:

I responded with the fairly reasonable point that :

And you offer the massively helpful suggestion of adding Dinosaurs:

I responded with

and you accuse me of wanting CAS removed entirely

I respond with all my forum suggestions that DONOT involve removing CAS

And you just reset to your original argument of why CAS isn’t an issue to begin with.

FYI I stopped taking you seriously at the Dinosaur comment, after that I was trying not to make a scene on the forums.

Its old news mate and on the mobile your post is vast,gonna pass.

I lnow the system,you start an argument then run screaming to a moderator and we all get banned.no thanks

Like i said, old news

Planes with 30mm+ Cannons should also get SP increase. Though I think the spawning from airfield is a bad idea. All it does it delay you actually playing after you spawn.

I think it should be based more on the ammo belt, and less so the calibre. Too often does a change at 1 BR badly effect an aircraft at an entirely different one.

30mm Canons may be effective for ground attack at lower BRs, even up to BR9 (with the right belts) but something like a Sea Harrier with 2x 30mm ADENs shouldnt get a SP increase at 10.3 just because of a lower BR fighter with a good gun.

Alternatively, they should just start tweaking aircraft SP cost on an individual basis

Ye, I think it would be a buff and a nerf at the same time. The buff is that it would be able to sneak around the map without detection flying low and easy sneak attacks compared to its current air spawn where i can see it spawn in and react to them before arriving. The nerf is just delaying the CAS a bit longer and some CAS plane need more time to climb a bit.

Personally, I think

  • limited sorties (with a reward bonus for successful RTB) OR
  • an SP cost to re-arm when you RTB

would be a reasonable way to adjust CAS in ground battles.

The former, you get to repair/rearm at most N times, but with a suitable bonus reward when you land (to offset the absence of unlimited refills) - kinda like the 80/20 split of air sim rewards, except it’d be a 100/100 split (for example - for SL/RP at least, SP bonus potentially lower?)

The latter, you get the loadout selection upon repair/rearm, and pay some amount of SP (based on the selected munitions, not including the aircraft’s base cost) to “respawn”.
It could potentially factor in cost scaling (if you re-use the same armament/type of armament), but adapting costs would probably get complex/unwieldy if you have mixed loadouts/overlap e.g. first spawn with GBUs/ATGMs, then later re-arm with ATGMs/rocket pods.

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You do have a choice to spawn at AF.

draining SP after you’ve already spawned sounds like a horrible idea. It would be an even bigger punishment, ontop of already have to fly back to af. Furthermore, there’d need to be an option as to which munitions get resupplied, or just not resuply any at all (like if you’re playing counter CAS in spitfire) and just ressuply ammo.

Leaving the air spawn, but moving the airfield back a bit might be a reasonable compromise. I find that on the maps where it shifts from prop sized to jet size the larger distance to the AF takes some of the sting out of CAS due to the longer return times for 2nd /3rd etc runs. So you still get your quick 1st run, but tankers get a bit more breathing room while you RTB to re-arm. It would also mean that a badly shot up plane would have a harder time RTB, making it a bit more profitable playing SPAAs.
Obviously this would be less effective once you get to supersonic jet ranks, but I think it could work fairly well up to BR 10 to 11ish

Implementing something like the system for switching load outs like in air battles without having to pay the SP for a second plane wouldn’t be too bad, but it would need to have SP cost for the weapons, or you will have people farming just enough SP to pull say an F-16 with zero weapons, then instantly landing and swapping to mavericks and/or paveways. Possibly have the weapon menu pop up when you respawn at the start of the runway and you can select your loadout with free options for air to air and maybe some basic unguided air to ground, then the guided weapons for what ever SP they cost. and a “re-arm current loadout” for free or discounted SP. I’m a bit conflicted on that one, on the one hand I like the idea of less guided weapons (especially fire and forget) landing on me… but forcing players to pay twice for them seems a bit much, especially given it would mean that they have less SP to spawn back into a tank once they get shot down… but that also means they have less SP to spawn another plane and having someone kill half you team, then when he finally gets shot down, just pulls another plane and goes right back to it, is very frustrating for ground players.

SP cost to be able to rearm might work… But… Currently you cannot change your aircrafts loadout once you spawn. So you would need the ability to do so. That way, worse case scenario, you could at least reconfigure for CAP if you didn’t have enough SP for another ground sortie.

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Raising SP just means you cant fly so whats the point of having CAS? Might as well implement Tank only.If WT is so proud of the flying element then playing CAS should be as cheap as ground.

if done right, It would mitigate some CAS, without outright nerfing it. Get at least 1-2 kills. Then reload away, maybe even still with profit SP. But dont do that, maybe you run out of SP and now have to run a weaker loadout.

For example. I did a match the other day in a downtier in the Tornado Gr1 and spent 15 minutes just lobbing PGM-2000s cross map. I did about 4 or 5 sorties. But didnt get a kill on all of them. Maybe I shouldnt have been able to do that

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